3rd Eumans Congress: July 17, 5:30 PM - First Online Session

Eumans Congress 2024




The latest European elections will be remembered for the significant rise of the far right and abstentionism, while the pro-European and liberal components have weakened.

Many drivers led to this outcome, but one thing is certain: to be convincing, democracy should be perceived and practiced in daily life between elections. Europe does not resonate within society if it is reduced to a technocratic dogma, and Nationalism gains consensus because it looks closer to people's lives.

The future of our freedoms depends on the fate of Europe. While parties namely advocate for European integration, they are mostly dedicated to national power struggles. Our fundamental rights are at risk and we must build an alternative based on popular participation, to mobilize and impose on the political agenda the urgency of reforms for freedom and quality of life.

With this mission in mind, Eumans was founded in 2019. Eumans is a pan-European movement based on popular initiative, and it acts as a tool available to anyone willing to fight in person, alongside citizens of all nationalities, for a Europe truly founded on the rule of law, democracy, and sustainability. Joining the Eumans project is a real alternative to the illusion of delegating your hopes and urgencies to others.

On Wednesday, July 17, from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM, the first session of the Third Eumans Congress will be held online. In December, the second session will be held in person in Brussels. The Congress is open to anyone, including members of other organizations, movements, and parties. Eumans' members will have the right to vote on the statute and the congressional motion that will set the political goals for 2025.

In these first four years, we implemented civic participation on a European scale: randomly selected citizens assemblies, digital democracy, carbon pricing, stopping subsidies to intensive livestock farming, civil rights (euthanasia, abortion, cannabis), immigration, and civic artificial intelligence. We used the fragile tools provided by the European Union (petitions, appeals, European Citizens' Initiatives), without illusions about their effectiveness, but to strengthen their impact.

The Congress is an opportunity not only to take stock of specific campaigns and tools but to relaunch an innovative model of political organization: to achieve concrete goals, we do not aim for electoral affirmation in national politics, but for the direct involvement of people in a participatory and pan-European dimension.

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PART 1: THE EUMANS PROJECT 5.30 pm- 7.15 pm

  • General introduction and presentation of the political motion and eventual statutory reforms
  • Open debate on the political motion, statutory reforms, participatory tools for members and activists, and coalitions to be built;
  • EU CAN DO IT: a state of the art 
  • The European scenario following the elections 
  • The European Association Statute: where are we? 
  • Open debate (reprise)
  • 10 priorities for the EU democracy: presenting the CTOE manifesto and the CitiDem project
  • Toward a European federation
  • Multilingualism for an inclusive Europe
  • Open debate (reprise)



  • Q&A after each intervention
  • Open debate on ECIs and  thematic campaigns