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transnational acivism and paneuropean citizens movement - The Example of Transfeminism

How we can better organise and coordinate our initiatives.
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transnational acivism and paneuropean citizens movement - The Example of Transfeminism

Post by VirginiaFiume »

Hi All,
Here is a chilled-not so chilled reading on Transnational Activism from the perspective of the "Non una di meno" network - which is a grassroot movement that focuses on gender-based violence (but not only).

Beside being an interesting reading on how politics, communication and activism "move" across borders, I think it is a reading that can help us to raise some questions, which is worth exploring whilst we move towards our Assembly in Warsaw in 2022 (and all the intermediate steps :) (final statement of the EUMANS assembly as reference)

I think there are some questions we should start to ask ourselves after the first two years of EUMANS' experience on the ground.

We are not an NGO. And we are not a political party. We want to be a membership-based citizens movement.
Then the question is: how such a movement becomes helpful for informal network of activists?

In my opinion, we should explore a way so that all of us can be activists on their specific 'urgency" and be part of EUMANS and being able to USE Eumans to achieve their political goals.

Only if we create a "space" where this can happen EUMANS becomes something that people will invest their time and money in.

Answering these questions can also help us to decide how EUMANS interacts with the institutions from an economical perspective: funds for projects, grants, other forms of public funding.

I open this thread so that we can start to share some ideas on this topic. And maybe discuss it with a scientific and academic perspective.
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