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The European Citizens Initiative for a carbon pricing in the European Union: theory and practice.
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Context – Running out of time…
We are all worried about the continuous price increase of energy sources. We know it represents a threat for the development of all economic sectors, with direct impact on our welfare and life quality.
However, we also know that this crisis is a consequence of an economy based on extractive resources, not only responsible of global warming, but also of conflicts and economic instability.
Now, it is clear that the challenge, for policy-makers, is a new economic policy, reoriented towards a low-carbon economy, to be sustainable for lower salaries.
However, the reaction of the EU governments to this crisis was the opposite: find immediately new fossil fuels suppliers and commercial agreements, scaling up investment plans on fossil resources, so that to boost and protect their economies. The ecological transition is forgotten.
But this is a dead-end road: the global warming effects on our environment and on our economy will be worst, the geopolitical instability will increase. Countries with no resources will become more and more dependent on other countries. The poor will get poorer.
..our appeal
In this context, the only solution available is a new fiscal system at global scale, which recognize sustainability its economic value, with greenhouse gases emissions to be priced, and reusing emissions pricing revenues to reduce tax burden on lower salaries.
For that, our appeal asks that, in preparation of the next COP 27, the European Commission takes the role of leading institution for democracy, and sustainability, coordinating countries towards a global action for the development of a global carbon pricing.
To this end, we are trying to set up a network of countries, agencies and associations able to take a position about a Global Carbon Pricing, and to declare this position during the next COP 27 in Egypt.

How we do that…45 days before COP 27
What we have already:
We have prepared letters to invite associations, policy makers, representatives of EU governments to join our Appeal and to bring our voice to COP 27
We will be in Malta, on the 1st of October, to speak at the conference: PROTECT CLIMATE, SOCIETY AND LABOUR: Is the time ripe for a global carbon pricing?
We have a set of European organizations and associations in our network
What we have to do:
Find more contacts among delegates and representatives participating to the COP27, to whom send our invitation and propose to join our appeal
Contact the organizations and associations in our network
Publish our appeal on social network, and media, to increase our visibility
Get support!!!
Coordinator of EUMANS