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EU SIGN DAY - Review and debriefing

How to use the existing instrument of participatory democracy and how to improve them.
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EU SIGN DAY - Review and debriefing

Post by VirginiaFiume »

  • - reply from Commissioner Jourova
    - Reply from President Sassoli - very important reference to Article 18 of the Regulation on the needs of investing in the ECI
    - meeting with ECI Team European Commission - they encourage to use the COFOE Platform; not convinced it is possible to increase the budget; very inspired by the idea of the EU SIGN DAY and they said they might suggest it to the Economic and Social Committee for next year, got the suggestion of crosspost the ECI Days and other National events with the Europe Direct Centers
    - meeting with Economic and Social Committee - referred to the Civil Society Liasion group, suggested to bring the initiative to the Council and at the Nation Member States
    - meeting with Civil Society Outreach Unit of the European Parliament: sent a message go the European Parliament Liasion offices, invited organisations to register on the platform; open conversation
    - scheduled meeting with Committee of the Regions
    - invite of the Mayor of Novo Mesto (Slovenia) to present the methodology of involvement of local administrators in the promotion of European Citizens Initiatives at the ECI Day on the 3/4 June based on the Mayors to methodology (EESC + COR)
    - sponsored content by the European Commission at the vigil of the Conference on the Future of Europe with an explicit invite to sign the different European Citizens Initiatives
    - Written reply to the Interrogation on measures of ordinary and extraordinary information done by MEP Elisabetta Guelmini - link
Replies from EU offices

- Representations of the EU Commission
Denmark - they put us in contact with DG-Comm
Estonia - retweeted and shared the initiative
Latvia - forwared to the communication team
Belgium - In the framework of the Conference on the future of Europe, the Representation of the Commission in Belgium would to raise awareness on the various possibilities for citizens to have a say in the EU legislative process, including the ECI. We will therefore be happy to share the link of your website when possible.

- Europe Direct Centers
Europe Direct Center Munich: feature in the newsletter, feature on the Europe Mai website, social media sharing
Europe Direct Center Augsburg: social sharing
Europe Direct BAT: social sharing
Europe Direct Emilia-Romagna: social sharing
Europe Direct Molise: social sharing and invite to present ECIs and EU SIGN DAY at event on the 12th of May as part of EuropeDay events - explained how it works the planning of activities of Europe Direct Centers
Europe Direct Marseille
Europe Direct Algarve

ECI Ambassadors
sent email to all the 18 ambassadors.
Only one reply from Flavio Grazian (Italy) - based in Bruxelles and part of ECAS
ECAS publicly shared and endorsed the initiative

European Parliament Liasion Offices
Email sent to them by the Civil Society Outreach Unit of the European Parliament


VoxEurop - Europe Day is EU SIGN DAY (Editoriale by Virginia Fiume - EUMANS Membership)
[url+' ... itutionen/"]German[/url]

VoxEurop - Most European Citizens have never heard of the European Citizens Initiative (focus on YouGov Survey / mentioning all funders of the survey and Citizens take Over Europe)

Brussels times - Can citizens breathe life into European Democracy? by Roger Casale (New Europeans)

La Stampa - Oggi è la festa dell'Europa ma solo 3 italiani su 100 conosono la ICE

Huffington Post - L'Europa non può accontentarsi della sua mediocritá - by Monica Frassoni, -on EU SIGN DAY

Publico - Maioria dos cidadãos desconhece como pode participar na criação de leis europeias

Website analytics
- Total users: 1718
- Page views: 2965

Contacts generated generation
- Subscribers to the appeal on the "our proposal page": 25
- Subcribers to mailing list from the 6th of May event: 61
- Subscribers from the website: To Be Confirmed

Social media shares and hashtag engagement
A bit of overview here - but we might need a bit of help if someone has some tools to measure


- Opportunity to include proposals for democratic reforms on the ECI into the package that it's been prepared by Citizens Take Over Europe for the Conference on the Future of Europe
(Document curated by Daniela Vancic, Democracy International - feel free to add comments

- Proposals of individual ECIs and collective proposals on measures of information for the Conference on the Future of Europe
EU SIGN DAY and measures of information - Carbon Pricing
Reclaim Your Face
Unconditional Basic Income
(Please let me know if you added other ECIs on the Conference on the Future of Europe Platform so that we can promote it)

- Policy Briefing prepared by Voters Without Borders had been circulated with academics and advocates of reform of European Citizens Initiative (link here) and presented during the event organised by Citizens take over Europe - during the same event a few participants (Ulrike Guedot, Eu Democracy Lab and Guillaume Klossa, Civico Europa) mentioned ideas on activating European Citizens Initiatives on European Citizenship and Health. It could become a perspective for further collaboration.

- Concrete opportunities (see first point on ECI Team reaction as well as the availability of MEPs to support the drafting of a budget amendment for 2022)

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Re: EU SIGN DAY - Review and debriefing

Post by VirginiaFiume »

Helwig:- UBI
The concept worked but the ECI UBI could collect 3.500 signatures. This is a good number (their previous jump was 8,000). Expectactions was higher. Press work wasn't that good, but as we are not professionals and not got in touch with the media, we were just waiting that the press would write something about. On the main newspaper only in Portugal.
Hashtag worked that it worked well.

It should work like a - EU SIGN DAY could be developed as a platform putting out ECIs and combine all the ECIs signatures and sign the ECIs together.

Ali - UBI
Not really impact on the number of signatures.
We should demand additional time extensions and demand for more promotion of ECIs from the EU.
ECIs campaign can prepare a letter attaching the results and send it to the official authorities and that they don't show the collect level of awareness.
We should demand from the official institutions about the promotion of the ECI concept.

Tony - Voters Without Borders
The main success was the Survey by Helwig, to push the commission to give more priority on general public awareness.
This very low awareness rate suggest that we are drawing signatures from a very small pool.
Making quiet regular appeals for signing more ECIs. Help other ECIs in the start off. Take international dates for pushing EACH OTHER and Europe Day is coming up again, special day for signing.

The commission is becoming more cooperative.
There is a system you can write to your supporters, but you have to do it in all languages. Encourage them to use in a different way the database.

Lorenzo Mineo -
The number of signatures is not the criteria.
It is more an institutional ECI.
Now it could be a good moment for a step further.

Budget lines to frame a more concrete proposal for an adequate budget for participatory democracy. We can frame this proposal and to use European Budget to indentify a real propsal, there is a road to follow, in line with our request.

Carsten Berg - The ECI Campaign / Save Bees
Increase on the fundraising on the internal site.
Media visibility: important point.
But the media visibility can be increased only by making the ECI more binding. It should be our goal.
There are different levels: - learn from the member states (where most of the people know about the instrument.

Conference on the Future of Europe: place several joined proposals on the ECI. That could be a medium perspective

Marco Cappato
Long term effort and we should play on all the possible different fields.
Mobilisation and activists side and institutional side.
To use a tool is a way to try and reform the tool.
This first step gives us a lot of strenght to go further: amendments / propose to COFOE reforms / more ECIs to work togher / we are doing something decentralized, we are a coalition

Tony Venables

the commmision should do more with the existing instruments.
Strengthen the Right of Initiative of the Parliament in the all context and the ECI.
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Re: EU SIGN DAY - Review and debriefing

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