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Statute - V2 - Approved September 2020

Discuss the rules, the values and the functioning of EUMANS. Our goal is to prepare together the Constituent Assembly we will hold in the first half of 2021.
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Statute - V2 - Approved September 2020

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You can find here the version of the EUMANS Statute that was approved in September 2020 and that is currently the Statute.
As part of the path that will lead us to the Constituent General Assembly in June 2021, you can use this thread to ask questions and suggest how this could be improved.
Remember that only "Members" of EUMANS can vote in the trimestral Members Assembly of EUMANS where decisions are made on the evolution of the movement. To become a member, join here.

Art. 1 - Name and Location

The association called “EUMANS!” is hereby established with headquarters in Via San Basilio 64, Rome.

Art. 2 - Purpose

The aim of the Association is to promote the establishment of EUMANS! as a pan-European Movement of popular and non-violent initiatives, which has among its objectives the defence of human rights and fundamental freedoms, the affirmation of the rule of law and democracy, the protection of the ecosystem and sustainable development.

Art. 3 - Members

A member is whoever signs the Activation Agreement and pays the membership fee established by the Assembly.

Art. 4 - Instruments

Instruments of the Association are: the President, the Assembly of members and the Council for Participatory Democracy.

The President nominates an Administrator and a Coordinator.

Art. 5 - Assembly of Members

The election of the President is made with a majority vote by the Assembly. It approves the budget and establishes the membership fee. Any modifications of the Statute are approved with a two third majority vote.

Art. 6 - President

The President Is the political and financial manager of the Association, he is its legal representative either in relations with third-parties or in court, with the power to independently instigate any legal action and to be a party to the proceedings. He takes the necessary initiatives to achieve the Association's aims.

Art. 7 - Coordinator

The Coordinator, elected by the President, shall remain in office for one year. He is responsible for the coordination of initiatives and general organisation.

Art. 8 - Administrator

The Administrator, elected by the President, is responsible for the opening and management of bank and postal current accounts in the Association's name, but is not responsible for financial policy.

The Administrator guarantees the maximum transparency and awareness of activities performed, also through the publication of the financial statements on the website

Art. 8 bis - The Council for Participatory Democracy

Summoned by the President and Coordinator, the Council for Participatory Democracy meets at least once every 6 months inviting personalities and representatives of organisations involved in the activation of popular initiative instruments in order to identify common actions.

Art. 9 - EUMANS! website and Activation Agreement

The website is a tool through which people can engage with the goals of EUMANS!. The Activation Agreement defines the rules of participation of registered users (activists), who have the right to be informed and involved in the initiatives. The review of the Activation Agreement is initiated on the proposal of the President and the favourable vote of the members by simple majority, and is based on a consultative and transparent process with the activists.

Art. 10 - Donations

The Association may receive donations, inheritances and legacies, also in the form of shares and/or shares in companies, from natural persons, legal entities, associations, foundations.

Art. 11 - Assets

The Association's assets are made up of: members' dues; contributions that citizens, associations and public and private bodies will donate to achieve the social aims.

Art. 12 - Dissolution

The Assembly decides by majority vote on the ways and forms of the dissolution of the Association.

The allocation of the Association's assets is simultaneously approved by the same majority.

Art. 13 - Icon

The organisation icon consists of a white lettered “EUMANS!” standing out from a blue background. Nine yellow hands arranged in a semicircle frame the letter E of the word “EUMANS!”

Art. 14 - General Rules

For anything not provided for in the Association Statute, the provisions of the Italian Civil Code shall apply.

Art. 15 - Temporary Rules

The "Constituent Assembly" will be held by mid 2021.

Until then, the President is obliged to convene a statutory Assembly of Members every three months from the date of registration of the Association, with the statutory amendments for the gradual transformation of EUMANS! into a Pan-European Movement on the agenda.

Eumans aims to become a European Association as soon as EU rules allow.
Coordinator of EUMANS