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Recovery Plans, decision making, implementation and deliberation: a survey

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Recovery Plans, decision making, implementation and deliberation: a survey

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Dear all,

I am researcher from University of Sassari and an experienced practitioner in the field of deliberative democracy, having worked on it since 1998. I am also a Eumans member, I regularly write on our blog.

At present, I’m studying the relationship between participatory/deliberative approach to environmental and development policies, the European Green Deal and the Recovery and Resilience plans at country level in different european countries given that Green Deal and Next Generation EU/Recovery plans are closely linked,


My aim is to understand if and how the national policies and plans have been designed to give room, encompass citizens’ participation in the implementation of the post-pandemic recovery/resilience strategy as the environmental legislation clearly states.

Here is the link of my survey:

The facts

the European Green Deal (Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament of 11.12.2019 COM (2019) 640 final) states that:

“Since it (the ecological transition) will bring substantial change, active public participation and confidence in the transition is paramount if policies are to work and be accepted. A new pact is needed to bring together citizens in all their diversity, with national, regional, local authorities, civil society and industry working closely with the EU’s institutions and consultative bodies.”

Moreover, the Aarhus Convention, ratified in all european countries, "empower people with the rights to access information, participate in decision-making in environmental matters and to seek justice. They are the only legally binding global instruments on environmental democracy."

The Decision on conclusion of the Aarhus Convention by the EC was adopted on 17 February 2005. The EC is a Party to the Convention since May 2005. In 2003 two Directives concerning the first and second "pillars" - information and participation - of the Aarhus Convention were adopted. Provisions for public participation in environmental decision-making are furthermore to be found in a number of other environmental directives


I am kindly asking you to help me with information from your country to carry out a comparative analysis at european level to see if in fact every member state has designed an engagement/partecipatory/deliberative strategy to actively involve citizens in post-pandemic recovery.

Here is the link of my survey:

I believe that the result of such a comparison will add value to both our collective action and own strategies at national level.