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The European Citizens Initiative for a carbon pricing in the European Union: theory and practice.
Andrea salimbeni
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We can’t keep thinking to climate policy as a local initiative. But environmental sustainability is not a matter of states, nor of national, or continental borders.
What “sustainability” means?

Sustainability means Life quality. Sustainability means healthy food, air quality, clean and fresh water, beautiful landscapes. Sustainability means less noise, and bad odors. Everyone knows.
But life quality is also made of advanced digital technology, low cost, stable electricity connection, efficient household heating systems. It is this side of citizens life quality that must be the challenge of COP 26. In particular, two challenges are foreseen:

Electricity and heating. It is not enough to promote smart cities, and electric mobility. Energy must be green, and clean, everywhere. It doesn’t matter if EU becomes 90% renewable, if China, India, and Russia keep using 90% fossil fuels. Global warming has no borders.
To this end, carbon pricing should be a global initiative and COP 26 should be the starting point for the achievement of a global CO2 pricing within 2025.
Raw materials. The crisis of raw materials used for micro-chips is already in place. Here is the great challenge for USA and EU. Stop to empty the world mineral reserves. Our daily, and growing consumption of batteries, smartphone, PCs, electronic devices, but also materials like steel, aluminum, is based on a strong exploitation of non-EU resources: lithium, silicon, phosphorus, coal, cobalt, etc..
Our life quality contributes to unsustainable mining activities, provided in countries with conflicts and civil wars are in place, and where citizens rights are not respected.

Then, if Sustainability means also human rights, COP26 should set the basis for a new, balanced sustainable use of global resources. The target should be to abolish the importation by EU and USA, of Critical Raw Materials, and minerals coming from countries where citizens rights are not recognized. Minerals can be 100% recycled. A new, sustainable global economy must be based on the maximum achievable recycling rate