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Building up a big ECI platform – how to get 1 million signatures easily

How to use the existing instrument of participatory democracy and how to improve them.
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Building up a big ECI platform – how to get 1 million signatures easily

Post by Helwig »

Dear EUMANS activists,

Imagine there is a impactful way for us as EU citizens to co-determine the EU politics – but nearly no one knows about it (only 1.9% within the EU).
Yes, I am talking about the ECI as a great participatory instrument forcing the EU Commission as well as the EU Parliament to react on our citizens' claims.

But as you might know it is quite hard to get the 1 million signatures across the EU.

Now, the idea is to build up a platform similar to openpetition or in order to have a powerful community who can significantly bring ECIs to success. Let us imagine the community is based on half a million people who are basically interested in developing EU politics this way. Their signatures is almost half the way to a successful ECI.

So, here is my concept daft. Feel free to discuss and give feedback.

There are of course lots of questions... how to find the right team, financing them, how to organize it legally and how to get a million motivated people to this platform...

I would be happy to discuss and help building it up!

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Re: Building up a big ECI platform – how to get 1 million signatures easily

Post by VirginiaFiume »

Dear Helwig,
Thank you so much for sharing this and apologies for the delay and getting back to you on this.

The concept of an enable of European Citizens Initiatives is very close to one of the original ideas upon which we started to launch EUMANS and I think it is great that after the EU SIGN DAY Experience we gained a stronger vision of what the interconnections among citizens engaged in different European Citizens Initiative can achieve. If you have some time, these are the recordings of an event we organized back in December 2019 called: EUMANS 2020. How citizens can change Europe". Back than we gathered activists and experts with an idea similar to the one that you shared here (great minds think alike? :))

I read your draft and my instinctive thought is that we might need to add two other "layers" to the analysis, beyond the technological infrastructure:

1) The Political Empowerment of the community that grows around such a platform - i think part of the success of an European Citizens Initiative is not only the achievement of the 1 million signatures, but the ability to "move the political needle" in national and transnational public spheres.

2) The Standardization of the technological developments for civic participation in such a way that they can "plug" into technologies built by the local, regional, and national (and EU) institutions. I.E. Barcelona and Milano use DECIDIM as the technology for their participatory processes. So does the EU with the platform for the Conference on the Future of Europe. What if the same technological infrastructure would create a "political system" for EU citizens so that we could act at different levels?

I think the next EUMANS Assembly on the 22nd of September (convocation letter and its preliminary space for ideas) would be a great opportunity to discuss this project you described and to transforming it in a foundational cornerstone of our debate. Hope you can make it!
Coordinator of EUMANS