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The European Citizens Initiative for a carbon pricing in the European Union: theory and practice.
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Many animal species are suffering climate change. Bees shortage in 2021 seems to be the last bad news on the topic. Said that, there is no time for crying about the consequence of our lifestyle . Just take action!

After the 22nd of July 2021, SGW is no more a ECI only, but a clear, direct, independent message for citizens and institutions: the fight against climate emergency is an opportunity to set the basis for a new sustainable economic growth, based on two pillars: creating a new taxation system based on a price on pollution; making citizens playing a core role in the environment protection, by both participating, co-designing, and supporting local environment protection activities. In this context, Stop Global Warming proposes a new programme:

(STOP) GLOBAL WARMING HAS NO BORDERS Sustainability is not a matter of states, national policy. It is for this reason Stop Global Warming must turn from an Eu citizens initiative, to a global Carbon pricing initiative. Under the umbrella of “Stop Global Warming has no borders” a set of new proposals will be presented to the attention of the EU commission and to the COP 26. In particular, SGW will propose to establish a global carbon pricing initiative, to be based on a specific reform, made of 4 points, of the current EU ETS regulation. A document has been prepared: “SGW - Making Carbon pricing a global initiative”

GREEN TRANSITION MADE BY LOCALS. Citizens participation to environmental initiatives is still limited. However, citizens are those directly affected by most of local pollution phenomena, including waste disposal, polluting industries, water resources exploitation, etc.. With Oderal, Politici Per Caso, and other organizations, SGW will work to apply the instrument of participatory democracy to make citizens contributing to new environmental policies. In particular, the project: Separating plastics is under preparation in Florence and the launch event is expected within november this year. The project is based on an open discussion with citizens about a new solution to separate the domestic plastic waste in multiple categories based on their recyclability in order to reduce incineration and landfilling. After training events, citizens will be asked to vote about the implementation of a first, experimental separated plastic collection system to be realized in the city.

INTENSIVE FARMING – Few months ago we had almost finalized a document with a set of proposals to be presented at the EU parliament for a reform of the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) towards a real sustainable agriculture sector in Europe. In the next weeks, this document will be reviewed and finalized to be presented within the end of the year

CALL FOR POLLUTED CITIZENS – A call to all EU citizens living in polluted places, where every day the health is at risk, and where the need of new initiative and policy proposal is evident. These situations have the power to drive the change. To be continued..