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Citizens Panels Conference on the Future of Europe - Monitoring Activities Citizens Take Over Europe

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Citizens Panels Conference on the Future of Europe - Monitoring Activities Citizens Take Over Europe

Post by VirginiaFiume »

Dear all,
As you might know the "Citizens Panels" of the Conference on the Future of Europe started a couple of weeks ago.
Here is the official link

As you know with the coalition CItiziens Take OVer Europe in the past we have developed 10-Principles for a Citizens Centered Conference on the Future of Europe.

Now the 10-principles had been transformed in an embryonal monitoring index. Which you can find below. Conference on the Future of Europe’s monitoring index for the citizens’ panel.

CALL TO ACTION FOR EUMANS: if you follow one or more of the citizens panels - for examle today 1st 2nd and 3rd of October there is the one on climate, you can use the Index below as a referene and you can then write your comments in this thread, so that I can then include your feedback in the report of Citizens Take Over Europe.

Conference on the Future of Europe’s monitoring index for the citizens’ panels

What: A CTOE rating of the implementation of the citizens’ panels according to the CTOE 10 principles for a citizens’ centered Conference and 10+1 guidelines for citizens’ assemblies

When: Citizens’ panels to run weekly from mid-September - mid-January (provisional calendar here). Monitoring index to be published by the end of October (but should be continuously monitored and amended as citizens’ panels continue to meet through January).

How: Monitor panels either in-person (at least one weekend) or via livestream, set methodology for how to rate Conference according to various indexes and criteria that set each index.

Panel 1, Session 1: ... FERENCE_vd

Who: CTOE civil society members, involve academic partners for a scientific and formal report, have someone on-the-ground at least one weekend to monitor for authentic reporting
Possible academic partners: Alvaro Oleart (Studio Europa Maastricht - Maastricht University)

Format possibilities:
Index scale 1-10 or 1-5

Possible indexes and criteria:

How much influence and say do the citizens have on the process and agenda itself
How participatory is the Conference for non-selected citizens
How meaningful was the opportunity for citizens to shape the Conference outcomes
Do people from different groups all have a say?

Inclusive (involve CTOE Taskforce on inclusivity)
Inclusive in terms of involvement of marginalized groups, youth, genders, EU country, EU residents, EU candidate countries, socio-economic background, different EU attitudes
Inclusive selection of participants
Conference related events held across EU including rural areas

Were the panels able to have a wide variety of opinions and perspectives on Europe’s future expressed?
Were citizens’ inputs developed in the Digital Platform and inputs from local, regional, and national level taken into account?

Could the panels set their own agenda and was the process open enough to allow citizens to put forward every possible proposal, including treaty change? Were inputs from the Digital Platform included?

How transparent is the Conference/are the European citizens panel meetings from the inside and the outside?
Is it easily followed via livestream, are documents and materials published on the Digital Platform?
How easy was for you to find information on how to follow the panels?

Media visibility and media pickup, google search, algorithm “CoFoE”
Visibility in MS, regional, local level
Official EU institutions’ website and communications campaign

Attractive style and format of panel workings during the three days;
Appropriate and fun social and cultural
events in parallel to the panels

If/how recommendations from panels go into the plenary
Coordinator of EUMANS