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Post by Roberto Mancuso »

Thanks @VirginiaFiume , I apologize if I will read (quite badly, I think), my speech, but since we are in a meeting in English and because I care a lot about what I am about to talk about, I preferred to write it for, now, to read it.

Virginia! First of all, I must congratulate you for having put on the agenda a topic that I think is central in this phase of approaching the Warsaw Congress: the site and the digital tools of EUMANS (Agorà, our forum, social networks, slack and wiki).

The question arises: Why are these arguments central?
Answer, quite simple: people who may be interested in exploring the planet EUMANS, will first use a search engine, probably Google, and, fortunately, our site will appear as the first result, a particular not negligible; our site is also, but not only, our "business card"; answers, or rather, should answer the fundamental questions about EUMANS: who we are, what we do, where we want to go, the latest initiatives, the videos of our meetings, the places for discussion and everything that digitally interfaces with EUMANS.

From all these points of view, I would like not to say, we are on the high seas! The site is not updated as it should (articles, communications, meetings on zoom) and the fundamental texts are too elementary and simplistic and cannot really give a soul to EUMANS, merely evoking, through some adjectives (pan-European, participatory, nonviolent , etc.), declinations of the revolutionary significance of EUMANS (which is not an electoral subject and yet does politics), absolutely insufficient and synthetic.

Yet both the site, the Agorà forum, Slack and social channels are powerful tools, which we cannot overlook.

The Polish, Spanish, Hungarian or Italian civil rights activist who should be intrigued by EUMANS, after exploring the site remains indifferent for the most part: the soul of EUMANS is missing, all too bureaucratic.

CONTENT IS THE KING, say the communication gurus, we have neglected this, preparing an integrated platform of several tools, but only partially putting contents up to the ambitions and perspectives of EUMANS!

We have been aware of these critical issues for not a short time, so much so that a few months ago, the creation of a "laboratory" for the digital soul of EUMANS was experimented. Well, this laboratory had begun to function and, albeit at an embryonic level, we were beginning to identify skills and responsibilities as well as the pleasure of working together connected. Unfortunately, for some months this laboratory of ideas and also operational has stopped having dedicated meetings, this is because we are few and often "occupied" by other emergencies.

My proposal is, firstly, to restore the meetings of the "Site and instruments" group with the frequency of two meetings a week and, secondly, to spread the news that the group exists and that it operates. , in order to involve other members of EUMANS, both to implement the technical tools and to develop the editorial ones.

Then? And then Youtube! The production of EUMANS contents, the debate and the news sources themselves, are first of all developed during the meetings on ZOOM, which are then published on YOUTUBE. Well, until now we have absolutely neglected our YOUTUBE channel, preferring other social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, which, for heaven's sake, are very valid, but we shouldn't allow ourselves to underestimate the social channel from which the mainstream of our communication passes: YOUTUBE!

Last but not least, I want to talk about the enrollment problem: there are very few and they do not increase even in periods of great mobilization. I think this is very serious. We should ask ourselves why this happens. Just as we should ask ourselves why many people who in the past months had also approached the planet EUMANS, after a while they moved away from it. Surely there are also reasons attributable to our faults in the management of relationships with members or in the management of our meetings. I think it is also urgent to question this central point.

I hope it wasn't too long, thank you for your attention.
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