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[Towards Warsaw] Cannabis Legalization in Europe - Meeting and Documents

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[Towards Warsaw] Cannabis Legalization in Europe - Meeting and Documents

Post by VirginiaFiume »

Dear all,
As some of you already know, Cannabis Legalisation will be one of the political pillars of discussion for the EUMANS Congress in Warsaw. (at this link the full thread about the Congress)

With regards to Cannabis Legalisation, on the Congress Google Drive you can find:

- A draft for a European Citizens Initiative
- An overview of the feasibility plan

We will have a meeting on Thursday 9th of December at 6 PM CET at this zoom link - if you know anyone in Europe interested in the topic, feel free to invite them to the meeting. Below there is the text of the convocation email.

Subject: Legalising Cannabis in the European Union - times are mature for a citizens initiative

Subtitle: On Thurs 9th December activists from the EU will meet to discuss the proposal for a European Citizens Initiative on cannabis legalisation. And how the EUMANS citizens congress in Warsaw can amplify this initiative.

Dear NAME,

If you look carefully at the news from the European Union member states sometimes it is possible to notice important and encouraging news when it comes to individual freedoms. Cannabis legalisation is one of these “good news”. At least in some member states - however what about the future of these rights in the European Union as a whole. How can citizens take the lead in making change happen where there are more conservative forces in power?

We will discuss this on the 9th of December at 6 PM CET at this zoom link during the EUMANS Weekly meeting. With the presence of pro-legalisation activists and organisations across the EU we will explore the possibility of a European Citizens Initiative to be launched in 2022.

Some Governments and party-politics coalitions are starting to take the legalisation and decriminalization of cannabis as a serious matter for reforms. For example, back in October Luxembourg’s Government announced that it will be the first in the European Union to legalize growing cannabis. The new born German Government coalition included the decriminalisation of cannabis as one of its priorities. And in Italy EUMANS was proudly part of the coalition of popular initiative “Referendum Cannabis Legale '' which collected more than 600.000 certified signatures to officially ask for a referendum in Italy, achieving an historical result in civic engagement for anti prohibitionist policies.

However other countries are still not safe neither for those who consume cannabis recreationally nor for those who use it for medical reasons. And the impact on the judiciary system and the daily life of millions of people is put in danger.

Join the meeting on the 9th of December at 6 PM CET to learn and discuss the specific issue of cannabis legalisation and how it can be tackled by European citizens who decide to join forces. But also to insert this in the framework of “Citizens for Freedom, Ecology and Democracy” - the Congress EUMANS is organising in Warsaw in March 2022 with the goal of connecting citizens from all over the EU for joint actions at a European level through the activation of participatory democracy instruments - as a an empowering move to amplify national struggles and accelerate the process of reforms at a EU level.

We hope you want to be with us!

And please, share this email with any person you know who might have the urgency and the will to join actions and initiatives for the legalisation of cannabis.

Virginia Fiume
EUMANS Coordinator
Coordinator of EUMANS