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Why is YouTube Japan Phone Number List the new Eldorado of lead generation?

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Why is YouTube Japan Phone Number List the new Eldorado of lead generation?

Post by SusmitaSK0 »

Why ? Because it is the fourth most visited site in france and the first video platform in terms of views. And it is not by chance since youtube was acquired by google in 2006. The video platform is now fully integrated into the adwords online advertising tool founded by google. The impact is huge on the advertising video market! The only effective display tool both in terms of performance and notoriety youtube is the world heavyweight in video, a Japan Phone Number List ​on which internet users come to find vast, heterogeneous and above all well indexed video content to make this melting pot a very sharp targeting tool. This is why we find through youtube targeting tools a tremendous precision on both the themes, the centers of interest and the channels themselves. Trainer training google collects precise information on consumption habits and online behavior through youtube, which is very interesting to reuse in order to put online campaigns based on behavioral targeting.

Are you looking to address hipsters, bikers, shoppers or even business owners? Youtube has become a very successful ad network for you because: video is above all the most efficient conversion medium. It is ideal as a source of traffic upstream of a landing page or to reassure an audience of abandoners (with remarketing); video improves the average conversion rate by 66% when used during the customer journey. It's a great engine for Japan Phone Number List and accelerating conversion speed! Rethinking video advertising as a segmentation and leadgen tool if we make a comparison (with a wet finger) of the price of tv advertising versus online marketing video, tv remains half the price overall at €0.01 compared to €0.02 on average at youtube for a video seen.

On the other hand, impossible to generate leads other than online, impossible to set up a call to action or even a link to your site elsewhere than on youtube or dailymotion. At that price, you might as well explain a little better what the conversion Japan Phone Number List and prices are! We first distinguish between free views and paid views. Indeed, the great added value of trueview is that below 30 seconds of video view… it's free! Viewers who "Skip" your video after 5, 10, 15, 29 seconds therefore do not trigger any billing! If it's not beautyful that?! The average click rate is around 1% on skipped videos (offered by lary page and his gang), and 3% on videos viewed over 30 seconds; the conversion rate on a landing page evolves according to your business. We refer to 2-3% if it is a cpa purchase, 6-7% if it is about lead generation (customer contact information submitted via a form).

Example of a youtube campaign for a media budget of 12k€: youtube true view media budget in k€ €12,000.00 pvc >30s 0.05 view rate >30s 35% ctr 25% ctr/ views <30s 1% ctr/views >30s 3% number of views >30s (paid) 240,000 number of views <30s (free) 396,001 number of clicks 11160 cpc 1,08€ conversion rate 6% plc 17,92€ leads generated 670 based on this, we decided to test youtube to create videos Japan Phone Number List to audience segmentation. Why ? Because trueview, as the name suggests, is a pay-only ad format when the view is full. Youtube estimates that only views of 30s and above are charged. An excellent idea followed by the whole market, dailymotion for example having gone there in 2015, but the poor buggers do not have a targeting platform like adwords. Go your way.

Take advantage of youtube's generosity: segment at no cost, branding is free! With a performance-based billing method that comes straight from online advertising, youtube adapts very well to advertisers. It is no longer just a question of pure branding, but also of conversion. By including this objective, we are effectively targeting via youtube's targeting tools, but also through video. Why not ask questions, with a voiceover, messages? In short, Japan Phone Number List video into a segmentation tool is encouraged by youtube and this ensures conversions at a lower cost. The 5 golden rules of a youtube trueview ad that works attract for the first 5 seconds; segment the next 25! Think of the video as a conversion funnel (use terms specific to your target, ask questions, etc.); place Japan Phone Number List calls to action to a landing page – it's always better you know do not hesitate to add content up to 2min (if viewers want to, let them watch, the view is paid, it's a bonus now!). For the rest, I invite you to consult us to produce and manage your youtube advertisements. I am certain that the video platform will be able to generate leads and conversions at very attractive prices, notoriety in addition! Want to go further, do not hesitate to consult the white paper on video advertising.