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Lorenzo Mineo
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Post by Lorenzo Mineo »

Dear all,

I have written down the following draft appeal to be presented at the meeting today at 19h: ... sp=sharing

The text is focused on the objectives of the Congress session on participatory democracy and the Conference on the Future of Europe: it asks that the participatory instruments proposed by COFOE (EU Citizens' Assembly and EU referendum) should be convened precisely on the most urgent issues related to the war and Ukraine's request to enter the EU.

Looking forward to your suggestions and proposals!




Ho buttato giù la seguente bozza di appello da presentare in riunione oggi alle 19h: ... sp=sharing

Il testo è e concentrato sugli obiettivi della sessione del congresso sulla democrazia partecipativa e la Conferenza sul Futuro dell'Europea: si chiede che gli strumenti di partecipazione proposti dalla COFOE (EU Citizens' Assembly e EU referendum) andrebbero convocati proprio sulle questioni più urgenti connesse alla guerra e alla richiesta dell'Ucraina di entrare nell'UE.

Aspetto vostri suggerimenti e proposte!


We, European Citizens, believe that the events of the Ukrainian conflict, as in any war or emergency, deserve the highest level of information and transparency, and that citizens must be involved in an open and informed debate on its developments and related issues.
In this regard, we believe that the spaces for debate of European citizens should be encouraged and enhanced especially during this period of emergency.
A guideline in this direction comes from the pan-European participatory process of the Conference on the Future of Europe.
A number of recommendations issued from the Conference is urging the need to enhance mechanisms for regular citizens’ participation and consultation at EU level. This is the case for recommendation 18 and 39 adopted by European Citizens’ Panel 2 “European democracy / Values and rights, rule of law, security”, requesting for the introduction of a EU Referendum and a EU Citizens’ Assembly.
In order to address the current emergency in Ukraine also through the channels of democracy and civic participation, the implementation of the instruments covered by the above-mentioned recommendations should in the first instance address strategic or urgent war-related issues.
For instance, we propose that the adoption of an EU referendum or an EU Citizens' Assembly address the recent candidacy of Ukraine as a EU member, as well as broader reforms on common defense policy and common energy policy, touched upon by recommendations 2 and 20 adopted by the European Citizens' Panel 4 "EU in the World / Migration".
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Post by galloore »

Dear all,

I understand the intention to use the instruments of civic participation to tackle the issues raised by the application by Ukraine to join the European Union, given the increasing length of the process and the political obstacles.
As pointed out in a recent article published by the LSE, there is a deep divide in Europe over Ukraine, a divide well illustrated on 28 February, when the leaders of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia called to immediately grant Ukraine the status of an EU candidate country, while further to the west of the Union the support is much weaker.

What we propose - effective as those measures could be over the medium term - do not tackle the urgent need to reconfirm that Ukraine is part of Europe.
Would it be possible to integrate our proposal with a request to the European Parliament to issue a statement to reconfirm Ukraine as part of Europe, if not yet of the Union?


PS: even remotely, the congress was very exciting! And I want to thank you for what you have been doing.