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EUMANS Weekly Meeting - 28th of April 7 PM CET - The future of EUMANS

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EUMANS Weekly Meeting - 28th of April 7 PM CET - The future of EUMANS

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Our pan-european movement of civic initiatives is taking shape.

After the Open Congress of Citizens for Sustainable Peace, Freedom and Democracy in Warsaw, we are happy to announce the members of the Administrative Board of EUMANS.

You can find the list of names on the website together with some short bios.

We are thankful for each one of these persons for having accepted our invite and being on our side to the new phase of EUMANS: the paneuropeization of the citizens movement and the pursue of the initiatives for a sustainable peace.

In preparation of the Board Meeting we invite you to join the open EUMANS Weekly Meeting on Thursday 28th of April at 7 PM CET on Zoom. You are not a member? No worries: all our meeting are open and public! And of course, every day is a good day to become a EUMANS member!

We are sending you this email because this Thursday’s meeting (As well as the announcement of the board) can be a great opportunity for you, to catch up with everything we are doing and play your part in making change happen!

Here you can find the preparatory documents that had been shared with the board and that will be the object of discussion for tonight's meeting;

- Strategic Briefing
- Mobilisation for Ukraine in the EU on the 28th of May
- Membership Key Messaging

We will discuss the political vision set up by the EUMANS Congress Motion voted in Warsaw and the immediate steps we can all do for a more sustainable, democratic and free Europe.

Marco Cappato, Co-president of EUMANS
Virginia Fiume, Co-president of EUMANS
Coordinator of EUMANS