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Members Assembly 8th December 2020

all the invites,recording and notes of the EUMANS members - join as a member and take part in the Assemblies
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Members Assembly 8th December 2020

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It's easy to say:
Promoting the establishment of Eumans as a pan-European movement of popular and nonviolent initiative, which has among its objectives the defence of human rights and fundamental freedoms, the affirmation of the rule of law and democracy, the safeguarding of the ecosystem and sustainable development.
So it is written in the Statute.

It is more difficult to do it. We will talk about it on Tuesday 8 December from 20.30 to 22.30 in the first open assembly of EUMANS members, with interpretation* in English and Italian at this Zoom link.

Indeed, we have really done something. With the coordination of Virginia Fiume, the embryo of a movement that "makes politics" through the tools of popular initiative is a reality that has already achieved results, which we will report on Tuesday. Together, we will decide the path that will lead us to the Constituent Assembly by June 2021.

Letter of Invite from Marco Cappato

Here is the recording of the Assembly - All the participants where Italians so the recording is in Italian. We started the Assembly trying to set up a real time interpretation but it was interrupted due to technical problems. If you want to suggest how to improve the multi-language experience you can open a dedicated thread here

Buona visione.

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EUMANS: different tools for different needs [ITA]

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I attach to this post the slides presented during the Assembly of 8 December 2020 and concerning the tools and needs for the EUMANS "planet".
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Assembly Report / Verbale Assemblea dei Soci

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This report is published in Italian and in English

8 Dicembre 2020

In data 8 dicembre 2020, l’Assemblea dei soci di Eumans si riunisce -con il seguente ordine del giorno:
  • - Relazioni Introduttive
    - Dibattito politico e discussione su implementazione dello Statuto di EUMANS
    - Discussione e votazione su eventuali modifiche statutarie

Soci Presenti:

Marco Cappato, Presidente
Virginia Fiume, Socio e Coordinatore di Eumans

*Elenco in calce

L’Assemblea si svolge in una riunione allargata agli attivisti di EUMANS

In particolare:
  • - L’Assemblea prende atto del raggiungimento del numero di 55 iscritti (elenco in calce al verbale) e di una disponibilità di cassa corrispondente a €3,262.

    - L’Assemblea decide di non procedere a modifiche statutarie

    - L’Assemblea decide di attivare e rafforzare gli strumenti esistenti, a partire dal sito EUMANS.EU e il sistema di sottoscrizione del Patto di Attivazione, la campagna “Sali a Bordo” e il rafforzamento del Comitato dei Saggi sulla base delle iniziative politiche in corso in particolare fuori dai confini italiani e in vista dell’Assemblea Costituente prevista entro giugno 2021
La registrazione audiovideo dell’Assemblea e il report delle attivita’ vengono resi disponibili sul sito disponibile sul sito viewtopic.php?p=29#p29

[ENGLISH]- Assembly Report - EUMANS Members Assembly 2020

On 8 December 2020, we held the Eumans Members Meeting meets - with the following agenda:
  • - Introductory reports
    - Political debate and discussion on the implementation of the EUMANS Statute
    - Discussion and vote on any statute’s changes


Marco Cappato, President
Virginia Fiume, Member and Coordinator of Eumans

* List below

The Assembly takes place as an open meeting.

In particular:
  • - The Assembly acknowledges the achievement of the number of 55 members (list at the bottom of the minutes) and cash availability corresponding to € 3,262.

    - The Assembly decides not to proceed with statutory changes

    - The Assembly decides to activate and strengthen the existing tools, starting from the EUMANS.EU website and the subscription system of the Activation Agreement, the "Get on board" campaign and the strengthening of the Committee of Wise Men on the basis of the political initiatives in course in particular outside the Italian borders and in view of the Constituent Assembly scheduled for June 2021

The audio-video recording of the Assembly and the activity report are made available on the website
Recording: viewtopic.php?p=29#p29
Activity Report: ... ity-report

*List of Members who attended the Assembly

Maurizio Agazzi
Andrea Andreoli
Sibilla Barbieri
Pablo Berjano
Stefano Bilotti
Michael Braha
Giancarlo Cancellieri
Avy Candeli
Marco Cappato
Carlo Curti
Luca Dal Pubel
Carlo Del Nero
Antonio Di Maio
Bruno Fabretto
Marco Ferrero
Virginia Fiume
Oreste Gallo
Pier Alfonso Iacono
Octavian Lazea
Roberto Mancuso
Flavia Mezja
Lorenzo Mineo
Michele Minieri
Valentino Paesani
Flavia Pansieri
Anne Parry
Christian Pepe
Andrea Poggio
Gianluca Ravera
Andrea Salimbeni
Manlio Trovato
Francesca Turano Campello
Miriam Turrini
Carlo Valdisalici
Laura Vecchi
Mino Vianello
Cristiana Zerosi
Coordinator of EUMANS
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Re: Members Assembly 8th December 2020

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[Transparency note]
@Manlio @Roberto Mancuso
The conversation on the Rules for the Assembly had been moved to the dedicated Forum: "EUMANS Evolution / Organisation / Rules for Assembly

We are verifying how to leave "shadow copies" when this operation needs to be done in the future.
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