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What about rule of law in Italy?

Monitoring the respect of the rule of law and fundamental rights in the EU.
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Roberto Mancuso
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What about rule of law in Italy?

Post by Roberto Mancuso »

The truth is that we are a country of "guillotiners"! The truth is that the atrocious fate that awaits us as italian people, the same always historically reserved for the "guillotiners", is to be ... "guillotined", and guillotined by our own history, the one we contribute to writing every day!

The necessary and urgent answer? The restoration of the rule of law, starting with the amnesty! But ... you know ... this is radical nonsense.

It is commonly believed that the rule of law does not fill the belly. Have you ever thought that it may have been the violations of the rule of law of the past that took away the bread (of knowledge, above all), from your children today? Have you ever thought that the fate of your children is yours to decide with the "political" choices you make every day? Don't you feel a little "responsible"? Don't you think it would be more useful for each of us to start reflecting on our past mistakes in a "responsible" way rather than to help the "professionals of the guillotine" to steal again the hopes of redemption for the future of this Country?

No I say ... there is a crisis .. yes .. but ... who are responsible for it and who instead pre-announced it decades ago? Will you also have responsibilities or is it always the fault of others? Do we or do we all, as a people, be responsible for what is happening? This is the question that each of us should ask himself the next time he is called to vote.

Good luck!
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