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Rules for Members Assemblies - Feedback and Ideas

How we can better organise and coordinate our initiatives.
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Re: Assemblea degli iscritti EUMANS - 8 dicembre 2020 [ITALIAN]

Post by Manlio »

Hi Virginia,

many thanks for the Assembly Report.

I don’t believe the Assembly has decided anything, although I agree that we had a good discussion on the themes mentioned.

In fact, I don’t believe we have agreed a mechanism for the Assembly to take decisions, beyond the mechanism for changing the statute, which is specified in the Eumans statute.

Perhaps this is something worth looking into, so that it would be more clear to members for future Assemblies.

Issues to consider are: what proposals can be put forward by members, how should they be put forward and how the Assembly can decide on such proposals.

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Roberto Mancuso
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Re: Assemblea degli iscritti EUMANS - 8 dicembre 2020 [ITALIAN]

Post by Roberto Mancuso »

@Manlio e @VirginiaFiume, Manlio is right; in fact I had already opened a thread referring to this topic on I paste it here in English hoping it will be useful for the future.
I open this thread in view of the Assembly of 8 December 2020 to make some PROPOSALS that I list below:
  • Duration: I believe that to allow a better debate it must have a minimum duration of 3 hours distinguishing the INTERVENTION TIMES between members and not-members (hypothesis: 10 minutes members; 5 minutes not members;
  • It would be advisable to prepare a REGULATION OF THE WORKS OF THE ASSEMBLY (to be approved at the beginning of the Assembly itself, obviously);
  • In the same way, I believe it is also necessary to have a WORK ORDER;
  • I will post here a DRAFT REGULATION which we could work on so that it is ready and widely shared in the Assembly;
  • Likewise, on preliminary indications from President Marco Cappato and our Coordinator Virginia Fiume who could make a first draft, we should prepare a DRAFT WORK ORDER;
  • I believe that the aforementioned steps are necessary and opportune because in this way we would begin to elaborate the fundamental rules (always obviously amendable) of the Assembly;
  • I don't know if that's the case, but it would be nice to have some PLANNED INTERVENTIONS for prestigious guests as well; I don't know if this is the case given the semi-informal nature of the Assembly;
  • If VOTES were needed, I could prepare the online voting form with: subject, yes I approve, no, I do not approve, I abstain.
What do you think ? I repeat, for me FORM is SUBSTANCE and starting to give us rules for the functioning of the Assembly I believe is fundamental for the proper conduct of the Assembly itself ...
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Rules for Members Assemblies - Feedback and Ideas

Post by VirginiaFiume »

After the first Members Assembly some members started a conversation on how to operate during the Assemblies to propose topics for the agenda and define the decision making process. The original post from @Manlio was submitted under the Assembly Report and commented by @Roberto Mancuso. We open this new topic so that we can expand the discussion toward the next assembly.

cc @Marco Cappato
Coordinator of EUMANS