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EUMANS Members Assembly 9/3 - Proposals on the rules for the Assembly

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EUMANS Members Assembly 9/3 - Proposals on the rules for the Assembly

Post by VirginiaFiume »

Dear all,
In the next hours, the link with the official convocation of the EUMANS Members Assembly will be live on our website. The preliminary debate is already live here.

As part of the preparation of the Assembly, we can use this thread to discuss the "Rules of Engagement" for the Assembly itself.

I think @Roberto Mancuso and @Manlio had a few ideas previously discussed in anothe thread

Shall we try and draft something?

I think the key rules should be around speaking slots: Members / Activists registered on EUMANS Agora / Observers

But let's open this pre-conversation to make sure that the Assembly is inclusive and participatory with the goal of answering the key questions of the convocation letter:

- Which instruments of participatory democracy can be activated to promote democracy and sustainability. Our original idea was a package of European Citizens Initiative or Petitions; however we could also consider starting from small-scale self-organised citizens assemblies

- How can we enforce the two “bodies” included in the EUMANS Statute (The Council on Participatory Democracy and the Committee of the Wise ) so that they serve the goal of a constituent Assembly in Warsaw 

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Re: EUMANS Members Assembly 9/3 - Proposals on the rules for the Assembly

Post by Roberto Mancuso »

@VirginiaFiume @Manlio @Marco Cappato here is a draft from which we could start to formulate the Rules of the Assembly's work. They are the ten commandments of EUMANS! :D
EUMANS Assembly

Regulations of the works

1. Each member of the Association can make amendments to the proposed Order of Works and Regulations in writing to the Presidency; amendments cannot be sub-amended.
2. The amendments are illustrated by the presenters with speeches lasting no more than 2 minutes. On each of them the Presidency admits a declaration of vote in favor and one against for a maximum duration of 1 minute.
3. Each member may submit only one amendment, even overall, on the Order of Works and one on regulatory standards.
4. To participate in the debate, it is necessary to sign the EUMANS Activation Agreement. The interventions in the debate have a maximum duration of 8 minutes for members and 4 minutes for non-members. Once the allotted time has elapsed, the Presidency can remove the floor.
5. Entries to speak must be personally submitted to the Presidency within the time limits set by the Order of Works.
6. Proposals for amendments to the Statute must be submitted in writing to the Presidency, within the deadline set by the Order of Works, and must be signed by at least four members.
7. Proposed amendments to the Statute can be illustrated by one of the presenters for no more than 3 minutes.
8. Any amendments to the proposed amendments to the Statute must be signed by at least two congressmen and must be submitted in writing to the Presidency.
9 Once the vote on the amendments has been completed, the Presidency proceeds to vote on the proposed amendments to the Statute, giving the floor for a maximum of one declaration of vote in favor and one against, lasting no more than 3 minutes each.
10. The bodies will publish on the Association's website and social media all the resolutions of the Assembly.
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