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Information on European Citizens Initiatives

How to use the existing instrument of participatory democracy and how to improve them.
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Information on European Citizens Initiatives

Post by VirginiaFiume »

On the 19th of February, we sent a formal letter to Commissioner Vera Jourova to ask for a meeting to propose ordinary and extraordinary measures of information on all ongoing European Citizens Initiatives. The letter was supported by: - A price for carbon to fight climate change European Citizens Initiative,
Stop corruption in Europe at its root, by cutting off funds to countries with inefficient judiciary after deadline,
Stop Finning - Stop the Trade",
Right to Cure,
Voters Without Borders,
Start Unconditional Basic Incomes (UBI) throughout the EU",
Freedom to share" European Citizens' Initiative,
Actions on Climate Emergency" - Fridays for Future European Citizens Initiative

This is the recording of the meeting we hold together on the 25th of February to discuss how the proposals submitted in the letter could be carried on further

The proposal we decided to explore after the meeting is to organise together for the 9th of May - Europe Day (potential start date of the Conference on the Future of Europe") a ECI Signature Day launched together by the promoters of the ECI, with.a joint action to collect the signatures, inform the EU institutions and other relevant stakeholders about actions they can do to support the committees that are carrying on ECIs and intercept the media attention on this type of mobilisation.

This mobilisation can also become a way to increase the role and the weight of the proposals carried on as European Citizens Initiatives in the discussion on the design and scope of the Conference on the Future of Europe.

Other suggestions that emerged from the meeting:

- Tony Venables, Voters Without Borders - suggested asking the Commission to analyse the traffic of the Commission website and identify ways to clearly promote European Citizens Initiatives in a more distributed and smart way
- Gregory Engles, Freedom to Share - suggested the European Commission should allow and faciliate press conferences organised by the ECI Promoters leveraging the infrastructure of the Commission (virginia's note: this could also be integrated with the revamp of the role of EU Info Points in the promotion of citizens rights of participation)
- Beniamino Brunati, Voters Without Borders and Virginia Fiume, - are willing to explore the involvment of the Committee of the Regions in encouraging the support of Municipalities and Regions in the information on ECIs, on the model of what had been put in place with the "Mayors to" network (existing thread on the official ECI Forum here)

As an additional instrument, we presented thanks to Ophelie Masson, coordinator of the coalition Citizens Take Over Europe, presented the project Assemblies of Solidarity which can also be an opportunity for individual ECIs committee to create moments of discussion, agenda setting and deliberation in the different EU Member States. (more info on this here)

We can use this thread to expand the shared analysis on the reasons behind the lack of information around ECIs as well as ideas and actions.

Welcome to everyone!
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