We are ready to call for a citizens congress in Warsaw - EUMANS Members Assembly Final Statement

On the 16th of December 2021 EUMANS held its quarterly Assembly. 


EUMANS activists and members agree to call for the first Congress to be held on the 11th and 12th of March 2022 in Warsaw. And to commit with their capacity, skills, networks, and economical resources  to make this happen.

The title of the Congress - “Citizens for freedom, ecology and democracy” states a concrete initiative for the protection and reinforcement of the rule of law and fundamental rights in all the European Union. Democracy and the rule of law are violated all around Europe. The impact of decisions made by Governments, namely sovereignists and prohibitionists- as a consequence of these violations falls in the daily life and bodies of citizens, starting from their civil rights, the inadequacy of the fight against climate change, and their right to knowledge and information.

Their defense cannot be entrusted only to supposedly “pro-European” national governments. European citizens are needed for a pan-European action to affirm civil and political rights across and beyond national frontiers - this becomes even more urgent given the continuous extensions of the “State of Emergency” due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Over the summer 2021, Italy became one of the centers of “civic participation” for civil rights, in particular thanks to the commitment of Marco Cappato and Associazione Luca Coscioni, protagonists of civil disobediences, popular initiatives for new regulations on End of Life Decisions and Cannabis Legalization. More than 2.000.000 certified signatures had been collected in Italy for calling two referendums, one for legalising euthanasia and one for legalizing cannabis. Together with EU political trends on both matters (legalization of euthanasia in Spain and partially in Austria, commitment for legalization of cannabis by the newly formed German government coalition, and the legalization in Malta), EUMANS identifies the mobilization for the European Living Will and the evaluation of a European Citizens Initiative for Cannabis Legalization as the two cornerstones of the Congress in Warsaw. These proposals represent a frontier of individual freedoms. And they will be integrated with other urgent matters, particularly relevant for the context of the congress: the extraordinary mobilization of Polish civil society for abortion rights and lgtbi+ rights as well as the need for environmental policies which should be based on a social and economically sustainable approach. On the climate emergency, EUMANS Assembly relaunches its commitment in advocating for global carbon pricing, as presented on the 9th of November during the official audition in front of the PETI Committee of the European Parliament, where the “Stopglobalwarming.eu - A price on carbon to fight climate change” European Citizens Initiative was presented on behalf of over 60,000 citizens who signed the initiatives and 100 European Mayors. EUMANS Assembly believes that voting rights in the European Union must be strengthened and continues to support the proposal articulated in the VotersWIthoutBorders European Citizens Initiative

In today's global scenario, the US has lost its ambition as guarantor of the liberal order, and the influence of the Chinese authoritarian model is growing around the globe. Europe retains its contradictions and is still paying the price for an unfinished process of community building and federal integration, but it remains the place where democracy has the best chance of overcoming the crisis phase and re-proposing itself in a renewed form, strengthened by the participation of citizens. The ongoing Conference on the Future, which includes sortition-based citizens panels for the first time at a transnational level, constitutes a fragile but important sign of this democratization process.

For this reason, EUMANS Assembly commits its activists to pursue reforms to introduce Sortition Based Citizens Assemblies, at a European level in collaboration with the coalition Citizens Take Over Europe, and at an Italian level, coordinating the collection of signatures for the bill of popular initiative “Cittadin3 per il Clima”. for a first citizens’ assembly with a focus on the climate emergency.

Indeed, while European national governments may have an electoral interest in competing and clashing with each other, European citizens have everything to gain from cooperation and the harmonization of rights. This can only be achieved if the European instruments of participatory democracy are adapted to this common need, bypassing national interests with popular participation.

EUMANS Assembly celebrates the success of the first EU SIGN DAY - organized in collaboration with different European Citizens Initiative Promoters and civil society organizations in May 2021 to promote information about European Citizens Initiatives - and celebrate as a first milestone the increase in the EU Parliament budget by 3 million for campaigns of information on European Citizens Initiatives. The Congress in Warsaw will be the occasion to launch new actions for increased information, starting from institutional campaigns and for advocating for a European Public Service of Information and implementation of technologies and protocols to create real European Digital Citizenship rights, starting from the European Citizens Initiative platform, the Conference on the Future of Europe digital platform and nation-based best practices, such as the “digital subscription of popular initiatives” launched in Italy over summer 2021.

EUMANS Assembly commits activists in the promotion of the Warsaw Congress and the EUMANS membership campaign as a priority for the mission of democracy and sustainability in Europe and beyond.



Nationalist Governments are already joining forces.

They just met in Warsaw with Orbàn and Le Pen for a plan to tear Europe apart.
Pro-European governments don't seem an alternative strong enough, being dominated by the short-term nation-centered electoral policy.

Citizens are needed, united by long-term objectives pursued through the activation of participatory democracy.

EUMANS is the organization we want to create for that purpose. The path to follow will be discussed on the occasion of the quarterly EUMAS Members Assembly on Thursday December 16, from 6 PM to 8.30 PM CET with real time interpretation in ENGLISH and ITALIAN, and open to everyone. 

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"The aim of the Association is to promote the establishment of EUMANS! as a pan-European Movement of popular and nonviolent initiatives, which has among its objectives the defense of human rights and fundamental freedoms, the affirmation of the rule of law and democracy, the protection of the ecosystem and sustainable development". (art. 2, Eumans' provisional Statute).

The Agenda for Thursday the 16th discussion is about pan-European campaigns to be launched on the occasion of the first EUMANS Congress in Warsaw (yes, we too in Poland!), on March 11 and 12, on issues such as climate change, cannabis, euthanasia, reproductive rights, the activation of democracy while the Conference on the future of Europe still lacks to deliver on concrete proposals of EU reforms).





18.00 - Welcoming remarks by the Marco Cappato, President of EUMANS and Presentation of the Order of the Works and the Rule of Engagement for the Assembly

18.05 - 18.10 - Approval of the Order of the Works and Rules of Engagement for the Assembly - view proposed Statute Amendments (Italian - English)

18.10 - 18.20 - Introductory remarks by the Coordinator and presentation of the Draft of the Closing Statement (which you can find here and that can be amended and voted by members and EUMANS Activists registed on EUMANS Agorá)

18.20 - 18.30 - Introductory remarks by the President

18.30 - 20.00 General Debate open to Members, Activists registered on EUMANS Agorá, Observers

Announced guests:

- Ophelie Masson, Coordinator Citizens Take Over Europe and Assemblies of Solidarity Project;
- Katya Kowalski, Volteface and coordinator of ECAN - European Cannabis Advocacy Network
- Claudio Radaelli, Professor of Political Science at School Transnational Governance and member of the European Nonviolent Network

20.00 - Deadline to suggest amendments to the closing statement and other documents by Members and Activists

20.20 - Voting on the closing statement and any other documents

20.30 - Closing the Assembly


The Assembly is public and it will also be recorded and published on the EUMANS Youtube Channel. 
Everyone can be an observer of the Assembly, however only Members and Activists who registered on EUMANS Agorá can vote on the documents (with different participation rights)  


Video recording of the EUMANS Members Assembly