Climate: 1 milion signatures on by April 22, Earth Day

* First 50,000 signatures collected
* January deadline extended due to covid 19
* Cappato “Together with the pandemic, it is the challenge of our time”

The European Commission has approved the extension until 22 April (World Earth Day) of the deadline for the collection of one million signatures on the ECI (European Citizens' Initiative) “StopGlobalWarming:eu”, which calls for minimum European taxation on all CO2 emissions by reducing taxes on labour.

Eu-China deal. Citizens must know, MEPs must act

The Eu China Comprehensive Agreement was not the right context to talk about human rights and democracy - we were told by supporters of the deal. Though, just a couple of days after the deal was reached, more than 50 activists, journalists, scholars, scientists, lawyers fighting for preserving Hong Kong from China dictatorship - among them the young democratic leader Joshua Wong - were jailed. The suspect is that if Europe agreed with China not to talk about Human Rights during trading talks, China might have understood it could keep going on with the “final solution” to freedom aspirations in the former British colony.
Macron "Sécurité Globale" undermines the Rule of Law SImona Bonfante Wed, 12/23/2020 - 17:22
Eda Nano, for the French association La Quadrature du Net, talks about the “Sécurité Globale” Law, and what’s at stake for ordinary citizens, should the Law be approved.

“The global impact of carbon pricing” - Navi Pillay - Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and supporter of

Navi Pillay is the former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights - this is the full transcript of her speech during “The Paris Agreement 5 years later”, the event organised by EUMANS and

Thank you very much Marco, and thank you for having me and you have my signature (for the ECI) in spirit actually.

Where we are with the construction of the paneuropean citizens movement of popular initiative [Activity Report]

This is the Activity Report presented by Virginia Fiume, coordinator of EUMANS, during the Assembly of EUMANS Members held on 8 December 2020. Click here to take part in the next Assembly and join EUMANS as a member

We called for this Assembly of EUMANS members with a deadline in mind and with a key question for all of us.

The deadline is the EUMANS Constituent Assembly to be held before June 2021.

The Local Motion for Municipalities and Regions to

On November 12th 2020 the Mayor of Frankfurt, Peter Feldmann, publicly endorsed the European Initiative for a carbon pricing in the EU. The Mayor joins the group of Municipalities and Regions who are taking a stand against climate change and committing to increase the knowledge of citizens of their rights to take part in EU politics through participatory democracy instruments. 

Why Participatory Democracy is the great absentee in the Media? Some takeaways from journalists

Making Participatory Democracy truly work is a challenge, and the Eumans know something about it. It is very much about information. The Right to Information is something that every and each citizen has, to be informed on their political rights and on what is happening in the public sphere.