CARBON PRICING - We can make it better - 22nd July 2021 - 6.30 PM CEST

Join EUMANS and the promoters of the European Citizens Initative for an online event on the 22nd of July at 6.30 PM CEST.  [Register here and comment the preparatory document here]  [The event will be in English]

After the announcement of the FIT FOR 55 Package, which includes encouraging measures of carbon pricing and on the day of the official deadline for the collection of signatures of the European Citizens Initiative we will officially close the institutional process of the European Citizens Initiative (which - it is always worth to rememeber - is not a simple petition but an institutional instrument of participatory democracy). And we will open up the debate for the next steps.
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Is the carbon pricing proposed by the EU Commission in the FIT FOR 55 Package(expansion of ETS, Carbon Border Adjustemnt, and a social fund) ambitious enough and “global” enough to counter the climate emergency? After the publication of the Fit For 55 package by the European Commission, it is now more clear the direction the European Union might take to achieve the targets in cutting CO2 emissions. And, “carbon pricing” is alread heating up the debate: those in favoure, those that are afraid for its social sustainability and the concern for its impact on average citizens instead of the polluters.

The event, organised by EUMANS - citizens for democracy and sustainability, the citizens movement who coordinate the Euroepan Citizens Initiative- will be an opportunity to evaluate look back on the highlights of and all the hard work that has gone into the campaign based on the activation of a very difficult instrument of participation, as well as a chance to think about the future of Carbon Pricing in the EU and outside and the next mid and long term actions that can be taken to accompany the works of the European Parliament, to inject the proposals for a socially sustainable carbon pricing in the Conference on the Future of Europe, and to advocate for it in the works of the COP26 in Glasgow and Milano.

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