Climate: 1 milion signatures on by April 22, Earth Day

* First 50,000 signatures collected
* January deadline extended due to covid 19
* Cappato “Together with the pandemic, it is the challenge of our time”

The European Commission has approved the extension until 22 April (World Earth Day) of the deadline for the collection of one million signatures on the ECI (European Citizens' Initiative) “StopGlobalWarming:eu”, which calls for minimum European taxation on all CO2 emissions by reducing taxes on labour.

Despite the impossibility of keeping physical appointments, the initiative has meanwhile exceeded the 50,000 signatures of European citizens who have signed online on the website

Among the first signatories, the former President of the UN General Assembly at the time of the Paris agreements, Mogens Lykketoft, Mayors of some of the main European cities (including Palermo, Munich, Frankfurt, Dortmund) and the former Commissioners of European Union Violeta Bulc, Vytienis Andrioukaitis and Emma Bonino.

The invitation of the promoters is to set up signature collection committees throughout Europe, by contacting 
It is also possible for individual citizens to promote the initiative inviting their contacts to sign and get others to sign on the encrypted collection system on the website (social media resources 

In the meantime, personalities from the entertainment world supported the campaign such as the Spanish writer Rosa Montero, the German band Die Ärtze, the actress Kasia Smutniak. (full list of supporters). 

“We thank the European Commission - commented Marco Cappato, President of EUMANS and promoter of the European Citizens' Initiative together with Monica Frassoni and Alberto Majocchi - for the extension proposal. In addition to the ongoing challenge to stem the pandemic, climate change is the challenge of our time. We cannot and must no longer tolerate that polluting activities such as the use of fossil fuels and intensive farming, are still exempt from any type of environmental taxation, or are even encouraged, as still happens in Italy and all over Europe. If we want to maintain the objectives of the Paris agreements, it is essential to carry out a conversion of taxation from labour to the consumption of environmental resources in a few years. Since national parties and governments do not have the courage to do so, it is essential that citizens and civil society lead the way through the only instrument of democratic participation at the European level” The proposal can be signed online on the website or on paper, in compliance with the rules determined by each country.

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The European Citizens Initiative is promoted by EUMANS. If you want to play your part and meet other European citizens, join our Weekly Meetings every Thursday or get involved