Eumans: why (and how) a citizens movement for a sustainable and democratic Europe

On the 23rd of July European citizens met in a meeting organised by Eumans to discuss how a paneuropean movement of popular initiative should look like. We are one step away from some of the most important changes across the European Union. The European Council is discussing the lives of millions of people: talking about the EU budget, the Recovery Fund, the ecological transition, the respect of the rule of law, the European leaders are discussing issues that will have an impact on our lives for decades.

On the most important issues of our life, we cannot wait for the next round of elections to play an active role in shaping the policies that can impact our lives. Eumans activists are creating a space where European citizens can meet each other, activate participatory democracy instruments (at European national, or local level), to have a strong impact on politics.

At the centre of Eumans methodology there are key initiatives such as, the EU CAN DO IT Petition to the European Parliament for a common response to the Covid19, social and climate crisis, but also the four meetings of the Council on Participatory Democracy and the contribution to the Citizens Take Over Europe coalition for a citizens-centred Conference on the Future of Europe.

Starting from these initiatives we invite you to join us on Thursday 23rd July - 6.00 PM CET to discuss how Eumans could evolve.

  • During the meeting, we presented in more details why we started Eumans, for which goals, what we have done in the first 12 months, how activists are coordinating and empowering each other, the instruments that we have activated and that we need to evolve. But we also asked participants to raise their voice, starting from three questions: What brought you here

  • How citizens want (and can) participate in the democratic space of the European Union beyond elections

  • Which instruments of self-organisation, decision-making process, and fundraising should a citizens movement like Eumans should rely on?