The Future of European Citizens' Political Rights

It's time for European citizens to better understand their political rights and connect with each other to strengthen their existing democratic rights. Both at EU, European and a local level.

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With our discussants:

- Daniela Vancic, European Programme Manager at Democracy International and lead of the Advocacy Working Group of Citizens Take Over Europe
- Iago Rodriguez, Voters Without Borders European Citizens Initiative Committee
- Andras Juhasz & Antonia Boorman, the3million Young Europeans Network
- Michele Fiorillo, CIVICO Europa coordinator and co-lead of the European Citizens' Assembly Working Group of Citizens Take Over Europe
- Camille Dobler, Jagielloński University, PLATO network
- Marco Cappato, President of EUMANS and promoter of

Facilitators: Virginia Fiume, EUMANS Coordinator and Manlio Trovato, EUMANS Activist and activist

What can we do as European citizens to increase the impact of our political demands within the framework of a functioning democracy based on sustainability and rule of law?

How did Brexit impact the role of 3 million EU Citizens living in the UK on local and national politics, and how our political rights as EU Citizens need a rethinking through something like the Voters Without Borders European Citizens Initiative? Why the "Conference on the Future of Europe" could transform the lives of million of European citizens and why it cannot only be a "negotiation" process among the EU institutions (Counci, Paliament and Commission) and the organised civil society (Trade Unions,...)? How Assemblies of European Citizens can contribute to the evolution of European Democracy?

And most importantly what we can all do so that participatory democracy instruments gain a seat at the tables where decisions on our rights (economical, social, cultural) are taken?

Join other citizens and activists to learn more about the actions and initiatives across Europe and find ways to take action immediately.

This event is organised in the framework of the EUMANS Weekly Dates. It is conceived as an opportunity to discuss with citizens and members of organisations and campaigns we collaborate with, in particular the European Citizens Initiative, the European Citizens Initiative and the coalition Citizens Take Over Europe.

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Equal Dignity for Participatory Democracy

The  first letter to Commissioner Jourova and the Democracy Action Plan 
A draft for a joint request of ordinary and extraordinary measures of information on European Citizens Initiative and a meeting with Commissioner Jourova 

Conference on the Future of Europe and European Citizens Assemblies 

Citizens Take Over Europe - The coalition co-founded by EUMANS 
10 Principle for a citizens-led Conference on the Future of Europe
The Petition to the European Parliament  - and the official version that can be signed on the European Parliament website. 
Manifesto for European Citizens Assemblies (not public yet)

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