From Gianis Varoufakis to Oliviero Toscani and Emma Bonino, with scientists, mayors, political leaders, founders of startups and innovative companies and activists from across the board; many voices in unison that in 12 hours gave life to the first online marathon against global warming. These voices were united in asking the prominent leaders of the 1st and 2nd October appointments in Brussels, to discuss the theme proposed by stopglobalwarming.eu. This campaign, the only formal initiative underway on the subject, must collect 1 million signatures so to be discussed by the European Commission.

Is the EU ready to stop global warming with a carbon tax? The appeal of the protagonists of the first online marathon against Global Warming "HEY EU, TAX CO2", was organised by Eumans!, the Pan-European citizens' movement that launched stopglobalwarming.eu. The formal initiative aims with the collection of signatures to be an ICE (European Citizens' Initiative), which by law would have to be discussed by the European Commission as soon as the milestone of one million signatures is reached (there is time until January 20, 2021).

Stopglobalwarming.eu, promoted by former MEP Marco Cappato together with experts such as Alberto Majocchi (Professor Emeritus of Finance at the University of Pavia) and Monica Frassoni (former co-President of the European Green Party), will ask the European Commission to elaborate the legislative proposal intended at stopping global warming by shifting taxes from people to the environment, and therefore by taxing CO2 emissions and reducing taxes on labour.
According to the proposal, those who emit carbon dioxide in Europe would pay a price per ton (from the initial 50 euros to 100 after 5 years) by encouraging energy saving and renewable sources. The proceeds would benefit workers, with a reduction in payroll taxes. In this way, the European Union could raise a treasury of 180 billion euros a year to reduce the tax burden on European workers.

In recent days Eumans! gave life to a 12-hour long online marathon that involved many protagonists, who became the faces of the video appeal. The video appeal broadcast today internationally: scientists, artists, entrepreneurs and startuppers, mayors and political representatives of transversal political affiliation.

From Yanis Varoufakis (former Minister of Finance in Greece), Emma Bonino, Eleonora Evi, Europarlametare dei 5stelle, some of the leading experts and advocates of carbon pricing (Roger Casale and Suzan Carp - New Europeans, Nick Beglinger - International Climate Dividends Alliance), CEO’s and founders of green and entrepreneurial startups (Simone Molteni, Lifegate and Giovanni Martino of ShareNow. (See details), as well as also academics, such as Professor Inma Martinez Zarzoso.

HEY EU, TAX CO2 - The Joint Statement for a carbon pricing in the EU

Dear Heads of State and Government,

The EU Summit on 1st to 2nd October is an important occasion where EU industrial policy will be on the agenda. This problem cannot be tackled without taking into account the climate neutrality objectives and the need to tackle the climate emergency in a more ambitious way.

Setting a target to reduce CO2 emissions is not enough, concrete and mandatory actions are also needed to achieve it.

27 Nobel laureates and over 11,000 scientists have identified a Carbon Tax as the most efficient solution to tackle climate change.

A European Citizens' Initiative, stopglobalwarming.eu, is currently active, proposing an adequate and non-fluctuating minimum price on CO2 emissions and to use the revenues for the ecological transition and transfer taxes from workers to polluters.

We European citizens, political leaders of various parties and movements, artists and civil society organisations who met on 23 September for the first "HEY EU TAX CO2" digital marathon organised by StopGlobalWarming.eu, ask you to listen to these proposals.


Yanis Varoufakis - Greek MP, Leader of DiEM25 and Former finance Minister of Greece

Marco Cappato, president of Eumans and co-promoter of StopGlobalWarming.eu

Monica Frassoni, green and federalist, co-promoter of Stopglobalwarming.eu

Alberto Majocchi, University of Pavia

Emma Bonino - Former EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Italian Senator (+Europa)

Pr. Imma Zarzoso Martinez - Prof della University of Goettingen Germany and University Jaume I Castellón, Spain

Kris Verduyckt - Member of the Belgian Parliament - Socialist Party

Eleonora Evi - MEP (M5S)

Oliviero Toscani - Photographer

Paolo Petralia Camassa - Deputy Mayor of the City of Palermo

Giobbe Covatta - actor (video)

Leonardo Becchetti - Professore Ordinario economia Università Roma Tor Vergata e

Co-fondatore di Next

ErmeteRealacci - Presidente Symbola; già parlamentare e Presidente Commissione Ambiente Camera

Alessia Zecchini - World Record Freediver and member of the Green Heroes

Roger Casale - Secretary General, New Europeans

Tessa Gelisio, Italian journalist

Virginia Fiume, coordinator of EUMANS

Avy Candeli, Creative Director of the campaign StopGlobalWarming.eu

Ornaldo Gjergji, policy e data analyst at Osservatorio Balcani Caucaso Transeuropa

Francesco Baldi - Researcher at ENEA and member of VOLT

Flavia Pansieri - Former UN Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights 

Jürgen Klute - Former MEP and Managing Director of Europa Blog

Lulu Berton, writer and documentary filmmaker

Maxim Sbaihi - Managing Director - Génération Libre

Magdalena Smieszek - Human Rights Advocate and Co-Creator - CCE Caravan of Unity. 

Stanislas Demesteere - Vice-President and Co-Founder European Future Forum 

Guillermo Dominguez - Energy Transition and Climate Change Policy Co-lead at Volt Europa and Space Transportation Researcher at DLR

Daniel Buira – Deep Decarbonization advisor, co-founder of Tempus Analitica

Andrea Salimbeni - Energetic Engineer Re-cord University of Florence and coordinator of circular economy initiatives


Giulia Innocenzi, Journalist

Federico Brughitta - Presidente Uniformazione Tor Vergata

Alberto Mari - Founder - One Action A Day

Simone Molteni - Scientific Director LifeGate 

Roberta Pol - Community Manager at Zooppa 

Diletta Milana  - Co-founder - Yezers

Federica Guerrini - Sustainability Expert - Yezers 

Alexis Eyre - Cofounder GreenEyre

Amanda Bronkhorst - CEO and Founder of JUST ONE Tree

Henry Tran  - Co-founder BubblyTree 

Heylene Semper - Co-founder BubblyTree  

Giorgio Mottironi - Cofounder Ener2Crowd

Giovanni Martino - Managing Director Italy and Spain ShareNow

Rossella Muroni - Member of the Italian Parliament

Rosy Battaglia - Giornalista e fondatrice di Cittadini Reattivi

Francesco Pigozzo & Daniela Martinelli - Co-Founders of “Gli Spaesati”

Pino Apprendi - Già Deputato dell'Assemblea Regionale Siciliana

Lorenzo Mineo - Coordinatore StopGlobalWarming.eu in Italia

Elisa Mereghetti - Documentary film-maker, Ethnos

Rev Marie-Elsa Bragg - Author, priest, therapist

Session 1:
Carbon Pricing: between scientific evidences and civic participation. The Green side of politics - watch the session 
Session 2: The Adovcates of Carbon Pricing - watch the session
Session 3: Innovation to stopglobalwarming.eu / Dialogue Between Yannis Varoufakis and Marco Cappato / Italian Session - watch the session
Session 4: European Future Fringe to stopglobalwarming.eu - curated by New Europeans - watch the session