Sustainable development: the step backward of the EU parliament

By Andrea Salimbeni, EUMANS Board Member

On Wednesday 8 June, the European Parliament rejected a proposal, presented by the European Commission in July 2021, to upgrade the ETS, the European existing carbon pricing system. More in detail, the MEPs rejected the final report on the expansion and revision of the Emissions Trading System, a key part of the European Commission's Fit for 55 climate legislation package.

End of Life: "Mario", Italy's first case of assisted suicide, died. Marco Cappato: "We had to step in for the State. And we'll continue to do so

“Mario” is 44-year-old Federico Carboni of Senigallia: “Life is wonderful, but the suffering is too much. I am proud to have written a piece of history.” 

Marco Cappato, Treasurer of Associazione Luca Coscioni and Co-president of EUMANS: “We had to step in for the State. And we'll continue to do so”

UKRAINE IN THE EU, 5,000 signatures collected in one day in 15 European cities

Berlin, Paris, Vienna, Brussels, Luxembourg, Barcelona, Prague, Milan, Naples, Warsaw Ljubljana... The Eumans citizens' movement founded by M.Cappato, together with Promote Ukraine, will deliver the signatures to the European premiers who will decide at the end of June. Ukrainian Vice-Premier Olga Stefanishyna: "Decision now and without delay".


Ukraine in the EU: demonstration/signature drive in 10 European cities prior to June decision by EU Heads of State and Government

CAPPATO / FIUME (EUMANS): On May 28, demonstrations will be held in Vienna, Brussels, Luxembourg, Prague, Milan, Naples, Helsinki, Warsaw, and other cities for Ukraine’s's accession to the European Union

The future of Europe needs your body in action - and Ukraine in the EU

together, we can launch a strong message to the European leaders: it is important that the next EU Council in June positively welcomes  the request of Ukraine to join the European Union.

After almost 3 months since the launch of the war of aggression of Russia against Ukraine it is of utmost importance for the EU to do everything in its power to quickly create the conditions for a sustainable peace and to save lives.

Cannabis Day. Global cannabis policies: Italy, Europe and America - 4 / 20 at 4.20 PM

On 20 April, world day on cannabis, from 4.20 PM to 7 PM CET together with other groups* we will present European actions, global studies and Italians updates on what is going on to reform cannabis laws.

The webinar will be available in ITALIAN and ENGLISH

The webinar is one of the preliminary actions for the launch of the European Citizens Initiative for cannabis legalization in Europe that we discussed also during the EUMANS Congress in Warsaw*.