Cappato to Meloni: "the services are spying on me for "subversive" association?

Statement by Marco Cappato, Treasurer of the Luca Coscioni Association and co-president of Eumans and candidate in the Senate by-elections in Monza on 22 and 23 October

I formally request the President of the Council of Ministers to verify whether there is any truth in the information that has reached me anonymously, that since February 2023 I have been subjected to computer tapping of my telephone (permanent and total interception) with State Trojans and that micro-tapping has been going on in my usual places of work and life since March of this year. The monitoring would be carried out by the Information and Security Agency -AISI- at the request of the Department of Information for the Security of the Republic -DIS- Authority delegated by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers for possible charges of the offence of 'subversive association' and possible offences found during the investigation.

Should such information, which could also concern persons with whom I have been collaborating for years, be wholly or partly true, I ask the Prime Minister to immediately stop such activity because it is in blatant conflict with the free exercise of fundamental civil and political rights provided for by our Constitution, which the Italian Republic is obliged to respect by virtue of having ratified all international human rights instruments.