Become protagonist of a unique project!

EUMANS is the paneuropean citizens movement of people's and nonviolent initiative. Through the activation of participatory democracy instruments, we make change happen in the EU and at national and local levels for the affirmation of rule of law, democracy and sustainable development. 

As a full member you will

  1. make decisions by taking part in the 3-monthly Members’ Assembly
  2. contribute to the process of revision and reform of the Statute and the Activation Pact
  3. define the path which will lead the movement to the Constituent Assembly of EUMANS

Join now, become a EUMANS Member: 

  • Option 1: Fill the form on this page and use your credit card or paypal to pay your membership 
  • Option 2: Make a bank transfer specifying "EUMANS Membership" to EUMANS IBAN   IT59Y0200803284000105947944 - BIC/SWIFT code UNCRITM1RNP

Please note that your annual membership will be effective within the 31st October 2024. After that date, remember to renew it in order to retain full  rights as Eumans member.