Time for a global carbon pricing - Discussion on a European Citizens Initiative

On the 3rd of November from 7 PM to 8 PM CET we will gather in the EUMANS Weekly Meeting (in Italian and English with the interpreters - register here to get the Zoom link to attend) to discuss how citizens and grassroots organizations across the European Union could contribute to the fight against climate change.

In a few days, COP27 will be held in Egypt. COP27 is the annual conference organized by the UN to analyze the state of the art of policies that aim to contain CO2 Emissions. The results so far had been a disaster. According to a recent study by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, to be successful the reduction of emissions should bb 45% less then 2010 in 2030. All the data seems to confirm that instead of a - 45% we are heading towards a +10% that will lead to drastic consequence for the whole ecosystem.

We have identified an evidence-based policy proposal that could significantly contribute: the launch of a global carbon pricing agreement. It was already at the core of European Citizens Initiative Stopglobalwarming.eu - A price on carbon to fight climate change coordinate by Eumans and which then became the global appeal for carbon pricing.  

During the meeting we will start and discuss the proposal for a new European Citizens Initiative for carbon pricing, to be launched in 2023. At this link you can find a preliminary text for the discussion prepared by Andrea Salimbeni, energetic engineer and lead of the ecological initiatives coordinated by Eumans.

*Photo by Thomas Richter on Unsplash