The Local Motion for Municipalities and Regions to

On November 12th 2020 the Mayor of Frankfurt, Peter Feldmann, publicly endorsed the European Initiative for a carbon pricing in the EU. The Mayor joins the group of Municipalities and Regions who are taking a stand against climate change and committing to increase the knowledge of citizens of their rights to take part in EU politics through participatory democracy instruments. 

Activist of the paneuropean movement EUMANS are engaging with Municipalities and Regions through the proposal of a local motion template that commits local councils to inform about the initiative. 

Below you can find the text of the this motion. Feel free to use it to contact your own municipality or region (and let us know if you succeed sending an email to 


In order to collect 1 million signatures in the European Union, it is important that as many citizens as possible are informed about their right to sign and support European Citizens’ Initiatives, the only participatory Democracatic instrument available to citizens to make official proposals to the European Commission.

This is the basic text for a “ motion” that you can promote within your Municipality or Regional Council.

You can directly contact the Mayor, the City Council or individual City Councillors to propose it to them. 





  • European institutions recently put Carbon Pricing on their agenda to efficiently fight climate change;
  • The Von der Leyen Commission included a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism in its proposal for the European Green Deal;
  • The German Presidency of the Council of the EU is willing to propose a moderate minimum Carbon Price and to expand it to all sectors, beyond the European Emission Trading System;
  • The negotiation on the Multiannual Financial Framework, and on the Recovery Fund, reached by the Heads of State and Government of the European Union on July 21st 2020, foresees that during the first semester of 2021 the European Commission proposes a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism as a basis for the EU’s own resources.

Noted that

  • Such an initiative is perfectly consistent with the global goals of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda 

The City Council/Municipal/Regional Council of XXX


The President of the City Council and the Councillor for Environment to:

  • Inform citizens on the initiative;
  • Enable citizens to sign the initiative at the relevant and competent offices;
  • Publish on the City/Municipal/… website the link;
  • Take action to support the objectives of the European Citizens’ Initiative within the City Administration, towards national and regional authorities, but also in relation to other Municipalities and national and European cities;
  • Produce a report for the City Council on the activities carried out, by (one month before the deadline of the signatures collection).