Rome's 15th District launches the first info point for the European Citizens Initiative in Europe

On the 22nd of March Mayors from all over Europe gather together to discuss how local administrators fight climate change and how participatory democracy instruments, such as the European Citizens Initiative for a carbon pricing in the EU can be an essential instrument. 

You find the full recording of Mayors to at this link. Below you can read the speech of Stefano Simonelli, President of 15th Municipio in Rome, which was the first district in Europe to create an infopoint to inform European Citizens about their right to sign the official petition that needs 1 million signatures to oblige the European Commission to discuss the carbon pricing proposal. 

“Coming together to be stronger together: how the 15th District in Rome activated the first info point in the EU for the European Citizens Initiative 

By Stefano Simonelli, President of the 15th Municipio in Rome

Good morning to all the participants, the mayors, the representatives of the Institutions and the representatives of Eumans, to whom I would like to express my sincere gratitude for their daily commitment to the promotion of an initiative so vital for our mistreated planet Earth (European Citizens Initiative 

When at the Town Council we received, from the representatives of Eumans Miriam Turrini, Elena Rampello and my great fiend Ilaria Venturini Fendi, the proposal of joining the inititiative by promoting a signature campaign through institutional web portals and other communication channels, we thought that we could and we should do more.

With the support from all members of the Town Council, we decided to be not just promoters but active supporters of this wonderful journey which will reach its first stage next 22nd of July.

“Coming together to be stronger - Telling our story to be and make others more aware”.

Here are the two principles which inspired us.

“Coming together to be stronger together”.

We have immediately involved to join our team one of the bigger association operating in Rome, Retake Roma, composed by thousands volunteers which regularly organizes actions to contrast the urban and environmental decay.

Currently we are involving other associations active all over our territory. We’ve started with sport centres because …who play sports learn to protect his own life…. who respect the environment learn to protect the life of everybody.

“Telling our story to be and make others more aware”.

Although the pandemic is not helpful, we believe it’s important to talk to people by looking at them in the eyes, reaching their hearts, telling them what our world has become and what it could become and how important it is to respect the environment.

For this reason we have planned some "infopoint days" for to inform citizens about the possibility to sign and officially address the European Commission for a carbon pricing in the European Union. 

The first took place last 6th of March in a public park with the participation of some representatives from Eumans, Retake Roma and the Municipality.

In order to increase the visibility of the initiative STOPGLOBALWARMING, which involves several celebrities from the artistic, cultural and fashion world who live in Rome such as Giobbe Covatta and the nominated Ilaria Venturini Fendi, the event has also been live-streamed.

Next infopoint event, which will also be live-streamed, will take place by the second half of April.

Also at the sport centers which will join the team, we will organize infopoint days with the idea of creating more occasions to get together, debate and raise awareness.

The more we are the closer our target of 1 million signature becomes.

I would like to conclude with a quote by Andy Warhol which we have used to promote an initiative of the Fifteenth Municipality against the use and abandon of plastic.

I think having land and not ruining it

is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want to own”.