StopGlobalWarming eu: European Citizens for a social green new deal - Citizens Take Over - 9 May

On the 9th of May, a coalition of citizens, civil society organisations, and movements called for a kick off the step of a self-organized European Citizens Assembly for the future of Europe.
Watch this event if you want to explore the connection between participatory democracy, environmental activism and the role that each citizen can play for a more sustainable EU. Global warming seriously harms us and the environment. We can stop it! Carbon pricing is a solution to fight climate change, and it is supported by over 27 Nobel laureates. It is possible for the EU to have a new policy to increase the price of CO2 emissions, invest the revenues in the ecological transition and reduce the taxes on lower incomes. 1 million European citizens can ask for the most concrete policy to fight climate change. And push the Commission to take the proposal into account. The confirmed speakers are: - Violeta Bulc, Former EU Commissioner Transport and evangelist of eco-civilisation - Giuseppe Grezzi, Councilor of the Area of Sustainable Mobility and Public Space of the València City Council - Marco Cappato, civil rights activits, founder of Eumans, former MEP (1999-2009) and promoter of - Monica Frassoni, green and federalists, former Chairwoman of the European Greens, promoter of - Jan Valendin, Teaching and Research Associate Vienna University of Economics and Business and promoter of the project CO2MustGo - Suzana Carp, EU Engagement Lead Sandbag Official website to support