24/25 February: In solidarity with Ukraine and Ukrainians after 12 months of war

On 24th of February last year, Russia attacked Ukraine. In those 12 months, hundreds of thousands of people were killed with violence, women raped, children deported, millions forced from their homes, prisoners tortured, cities razed to the ground or looted and crops destroyed. Crimes of war and against humanity in the heart of Europe.

Humanitarian, economic and military solidarity has enabled Ukrainian people to resist, but the end of the war is still far off. If a sustainable peace is still possible, it can only be based on just international justice and precise political decisions.

Shortly after the Russian invasion, Eumans had appealed to the European institutions with the EukraineNow campaign for citizenship rights to be granted to Ukrainian people as soon as possible, and for Ukraine's entry into the European Union to be speeded up as a concrete manifestation of friendship and a strengthening of the European political progress.

12 months after that tragic 24th of February, Eumans is taking part in the worldwide mobilisation, in support of Ukrainian resistance against the brutal war launched by Vladimir Putin. 

We will demonstrate again to demand:

  • an accelerated procedure for Ukraine's entry into the EU;
  • keep on supporting the reception of those who had to escape from Ukraine or those who are forced to live in precarious socio-economic conditions at home;
  • Ukraine's urgent ratification of the Rome Statute to prosecute violations of international humanitarian law according to the highest standards of the International Criminal Court;
  • the indictment of those responsible for the aggression against Ukraine, starting with the politically responsible Putin, before an international criminal court;
  • the inclusion of the Wagner Group among the organisations recognised as terrorist by the European Union; 
  • the establishment of a European energy policy on renewables and independent of external dependencies; 
  • the establishment of 'Joint Armed Forces of the European Union' to bring the goal of long-term and sustainable peace in Europe and globally

Eumans Co-president Virginia Fiume will take part  in the march in Brussels on the 25th of February organised by Promote Ukraine from 1pm, starting from Boulevard Roi Albert II, and in many other demonstrations in Italian cities.

And in Italy Eumans activists will join the demonstrations on the 24th of February in: 

Roma: ore 18.30 fiaccolata presso ambasciata Russa (Metro Castro Pretorio) - Lorenzo Mineo, coordinator of Eumans in Italy

Milano: ore 16 Piazza Castello* - Marco Cappato, Eumans Co-president 

Napoli: ore 16-20, fiaccolata in Piazza del Plebiscito

Torino: ore 17:00, Piazza Carignano

Bologna: ore 17 Scalinata del Pincio, ore 18 SIT-IN Piazza Maggiore  - Caterina  Garone, Eumans member 

Palermo: ore 16, Piazza Politeama

Catania: ore 18, Piazza Università

Messina: ore 17, Piazza Unione Europea* - Letizia Valentina Lo Giudice, comitato Donna, Vita, Libertá Messina e attivista EUMANS

Biella: ore 17.30, Battistero - Anna Garavoglia, attivista EUMANS

If you would like to participate in one of the demonstrations, or if you have found another event in your city where you can go to represent Eumans, please let us know by replying to this email.

Eumans' proposals for Ukraine will also be part of the debate of "Democracy, Ecology and Liberty beyond borders. A citizens' summit for a pan-European government plan", the pan-European meeting to be held in Gdansk (Poland) from 17 to 19 March. For the occasion Eumans and European Alternatives will present a proposal for EU government through a package of European Citizens' Initiatives: HERE all the information to participate.

Thank you in advance for your support of our initiatives for sustainable peace in Ukraine, for which yuo can  donate HERE.

Marco Cappato and Virginia Fiume - Co-Presidents of Eumans