UKRAINE IN THE EU, 5,000 signatures collected in one day in 15 European cities

Berlin, Paris, Vienna, Brussels, Luxembourg, Barcelona, Prague, Milan, Naples, Warsaw Ljubljana... The Eumans citizens' movement founded by M.Cappato, together with Promote Ukraine, will deliver the signatures to the European premiers who will decide at the end of June. Ukrainian Vice-Premier Olga Stefanishyna: "Decision now and without delay".

The pan-European citizens' movement EUHMANS - founded by political activist Marco Cappato - together with Ukrainian communities linked by the non-governmental organisation Promote Ukraine, were the protagonists last weekend of a demonstration held simultaneously in 15 European cities, calling for Ukraine's accession to the EU by collecting signatures on the EUkraine Now appeal ahead of the June European Council. Over 5,000 signatures collected in one day, the mobilisation continues online, at this link
Citizens across Europe are jointly demanding Ukrainian membership in the European Union and citizenship rights for Ukrainians. In a few weeks, the European Council will take a position on the Ukrainian government's request. Now that the European Commission has started the technical accession process and the European Parliament has voted a resolution in favour of this enlargement, the Council meeting is the decisive occasion to give impetus to the accession process. The signatures collected will be handed over to the Heads of State and Government at the European Council meeting on 23 June in Brussels. 

"Today Ukraine, together with the whole of Europe, faces an historic challenge: to defend the free and democratic development of the continent or to bow its head to the dictatorship that wants to destroy the international order based on rules and principles. Ukraine has made its choice by defending Europe and its values with weapons in its fist. We believe that after this war there will be an even more united and strong Europe. Ukraine's European future must be legally secured. This decision must be taken now without delay," stressed Ukrainian Deputy PM for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine,  Olga Stefanishyna 

"Ukraine's entry into the EU is indispensable to extend and strengthen Europe as a common space of democracy and rule of law, guaranteeing a 'sustainable peace' for Ukrainian citizens, who have the hope of reconnecting with the European system of values and policies at the end of the war," declared Marco Cappato and Virginia Fiume, co-presidents of Eumans. "Parallel to accession, it is necessary for the benefit of all European citizens to strengthen the Union's sanctioning powers when a Member State seriously and systematically violates the rule of law. Enlargement must become an opportunity for democratic reform not only for Ukraine but for the European Union itself.