"Us and the Conference on the Future of Europe" EUMANS ASSEMBLY - 17th June 2021 -

The Assembly of "EUMANS" held on June 17th, 2021

Resolves to continue the work of building the pan-European movement of popular initiative for democracy and sustainability; also, to continue in spite of the inadequacy of electoral and national party organizations in facing the challenges of our time alone, from the pandemic to climate change, in the persistent marginality to which other forms of civic participation are unfortunately still relegated.

The Assembly greets:

  • The opening of the Conference on the Future of Europe and the digital and multilingual platform ]futureu.europa.euas an opportunity to be seized to promote a pan-European debate on the reforms and policies to be undertaken to use the EU in the service of rights, freedoms and well-being of the European people;
  • The support obtained by the StopGlobalWarming.eu European Citizens' Initiative from over 60,000 citizens, 120 mayors from all over Europe, two former presidents of the UN General Assembly, three former European Commissioners and numerous parliamentarians; takes positive note of the announcement by the European Commission of a legislative package (“Fit for 55”) which will be presented by July to strengthen and extend carbon pricing policies in the EU;
  • The results of the initiative promoted and coordinated by EUMANS, of the first EU SIGN DAY. EU SIGN DAY for the first time gathered the proponents of various European Citizens 'Initiatives and civil society organisations joined forces together to ask for the “right to know” about the European Citizens' Initiatives; this right, although enshrined in Article 18 of the relevant EU Regulation, is currently violated, to the point that only 2.4% are aware of this tool, according to the YouGov survey (also commissioned by EUMANS). Thanks to this initiative obtaining first formal answers and institutional attention by the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions
  • The launch in Italy of the campaigns to collect signatures on the referendum for the legalization of euthanasia; the popular law for the establishment of an assembly of citizens drawn by lot

The Assembly also resolves to:

  • Use the futureu.europa.eu platform of the Conference on the Future of Europe to transfer to that venue all the proposals and initiatives developed thanks to the EUMANS "Agorà" platform, which continues to be the place for internal debate of Eumans in implementation of the activation agreement;
  • Propose - as much as possible in alliance with other groups and organizations starting from the Citizens Take Over Europe coalition - that the Conference on the Future of Europe gives the European people the possibility of proposal and deliberation, also through the establishment of "Assemblies of European citizens drawn by lot ";
  • Present an amendment to the EU budget to give equal dignity to the instruments of participatory democracy with respect to the instrument of elections and representative assemblies, also in terms of scientific research and technological applications aimed at strengthening the quality of the decision-making process;
  • Continue the StopGlobalWarming.eu campaign, to propose at European and at the global level the shift of taxes from work to CO2 emissions as a cornerstone of world policies to fight climate change;
  • Strengthen the alliance with other organizations, outside and inside the Council for Participatory Democracy and Citizens Take Over Europe, to convene the next EU Sign Day and achieve the other statutory objectives of EUMANS through the activation of popular initiative tools at every level ;
  • Participate in the campaign to collect signatures on the Italian referendum for the legalization of euthanasia in particular to collect the signatures of Italians in the world in alliance with organizations for the right to self-determination at the end of life, and to ask Italy (as well as any other State and institution) to introduce the possibility of online subscription of popular and referendum initiatives, also to remedy the sentence from the UN Human Rights Commission, condemning Italy for violation of the civil and political rights of citizens (Staderini appeal De Lucia)
  • Confirm the appointment of the Constituent Assembly of EUMANS, to be convened in Warsaw for the beginning of 2022

    (Closing Statement approved with 12 votes in favour, 1 abstantion) 

List of Guests

Cillian Lohan, Vice President of the European Economic and Social Committee 
Branislava Lavrek, Democracy International 
Sophie In't'Weld, MEP - Netherlands (D66)
Prof. Alberto Majocchi, Emeritus Professor of Public Finance (Universitá degli Studi di Pavia) and scientific lead of the European Citizens Initiative stopglobalwarming.eu 
Gerald- Christian Heintegs - #newERA The Right to Associate
Prof Guido Montani - Professor of International Political Economy (Universitá degli Studi di Pavia) 
Nicola Vallinoto - European Federalist Movement 

(Preliminary notes to the Assembly by EUMANS Coordinator, Virginia Fiume) 

We left the last Assembly on 9th March with a concrete commitment: to coordinate a mobilization of citizens, committees promoting European Citizens' Initiatives and organizations to make 9th May the first EU SIGN DAY. This was a day of collecting signatures and promoting the possibility for citizens to sign the European Citizens' Initiatives, as well as dialogue with the European institutions to request information, knowledge and therefore equal dignity for the tools of participatory democracy. From that path came the EU SIGN DAY project, of which the political impact will be discussed during the EUMANS Assembly on 17th June. For this we will be joined by some of the protagonists and interlocutors who reacted to our requests.

The Conference on the Future of Europe and its role as a new political space and new delicate instrument of participatory democracy 
This EUMANS Assembly on the 17th of June will be held in the week of the first Plenary of the Conference on the Future of Europe. It therefore officially begins with the meeting of the body that brings together representatives of the European Commission, the European Parliament, the European Council and citizens. At this link you will find details on how the Plenary works. The Conference on the Future of Europe is a path that was supposed to start a year ago, but was however interrupted by the pandemic. With the launch of the Conference on the Future of Europe, four "citizens panels" will be launched with citizens drawn by lot and a digital platform, Futureu.europa.eu, has been launched in which ideas and proposals can be disseminated, circulated and voted on. This is a multi-language platform that allows European citizens to interact with each other and help define the agenda of the Conference itself.

The Conference is a very fragile new instrument of participatory democracy of the European Union. As such, the rules of participation and functioning are not defined, potentially posing a problem of democracy and the rule of law and the legitimacy of what could come out of this "political space". At the same time, in all the institutional meetings and discussions that our initiatives have created (EU SIGN DAY, StopGlobalWarming.eu, EU CAN DO IT and European Health Union, ...) the reference of hope has been this pan-European Conference on the Future of Europe, which contains in embryo new forms of institutional participation.

If you remember with EUMANS in April of last year, before the Petitions Commission of the European Parliament, we presented the petition EU CAN DO IT, which had among its requests the launch of the Conference on the Future of Europe. We still believe this tool could be used to democratically imagine the future of Europe, to overcome the COVID crisis, as well as the climate, economic and social crises.

We were amongst the actors creating the political pressure necessary for the Conference to actually start, through the co-founding of the Citizens Take Over Europe coalition. Some partners of that experience in these hours will be in Strasbourg to officially ask for a place for citizens in the Conference and to verify its effective democratic legitimacy.

Thanks to Citizens Take Over Europe and thanks also to the contribution of EUMANS to that coalition, in the coming weeks, various assemblies of citizens will be held throughout Europe (Assemblies of Solidarity) which will accompany the fragile but still important institutional appointments.

In this context, EUMANS connected the promoters of European Citizens' Initiatives and various organizations throughout Europe to contribute to the expansion of this project.

Only through cooperation with movements and networks of movements is it possible to give strength to our own idea and vision of a citizens' movement for democracy and sustainability.

The Political Rights of EU Citizens that no one knows about - The YouGov Survey results
However, the first question to ask is: what does a Conference on the Future of Europe count for when no one talks about it and which no one knows anything about? On 9th May we led the launch of the EU SIGN DAY coalition - also investing economic resources to carry out the survey which revealed a great truth: only 2.4% of European citizens know they have the right and the possibility to sign an initiative of the European citizens. This is the reason why we have asked and continue to ask for an increase in the budget to spread knowledge on participatory democracy, and to cooperate with those who study its strengthening.

Carbon Pricing and StopGlobalWarming.eu, Civil rights and all the democratic and sustainability challenges that citizes are trying to taclke in the Conference on the Future of Europe
In the meantime, the European Citizens Initiative StopGlobalWarming.eu has brought the European carbon pricing proposal around Europe, a policy proposal which has finally entered the mainstream political agendas and debates. In a few days time, the plan of the Fit For 55 Commission will be presented. StopglobalWarming.eu with its network of members, starting from the over 100 mayors who have responded to the call to fight climate change through participatory democracy, and the hundreds of associates, has the strength to contribute to this path. But how is this proposal to be brought globally? And what tools can we still activate together?

Furthermore, in Italy can be found the struggle for the digital signature that is intertwined with the referendum campaign for the end of life, whilst also so central to the story of Marco Cappato for the foundation and method of our movement.

Can all these elements be the levers on which to continue the construction of the pan-European movement?

Our proposal for the EUMANS Assembly is to engage EUMANS in a season of action for the Conference on the Future of Europe, creating profiles, interacting, elaborating new and existing policy proposals and interacting on the merits of the movement's founding themes: the goals of sustainable development. and the rule of law.

In the coming days on this page we will publish the complete program of the EUMANS Assembly with confirmed guests, but in the meantime we invite you to review the guide below on the platform on the Conference on the Future of Europe and on the proposals already published, supported or monitored by EUMANS

You can use the comment space on EUMANS Agorá to report other proposals that you think could be the subject of discussion and interaction for EUMANS, and to start thinking together about how we can use and strengthen the Conference on the Future of Europe in the coming weeks and months.

We also point out some contributions written by activists and members of EUMANS or key milestones of our initiatives in the past weeks that can contribute to the preparation of the Assembly and the general debate. 


[Did you or your organization published a proposal for the Conference on the Future of Europe and you want to present it during the EUMANS Assembly?
Share the link on this thread on EUMANS Agora and send an email to info@eumans.eu]

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[Do you want to share some thoughts on the Conference on the Future of Europe, on the way how citizens can use the digital platform or any idea on the paneuropean movement of popular initiative? You can register on EUMANS Agorá and freely share your thoughts on this thread dedicated to the EUMANS Assembly]

Si cresce solo se sognati - Sibilla Barbieri, EUMANS Activist (use the translate function to read it in italian)